What freedom means to me

Happy 4th of July to those who celebrate! I am gearing up for a cookout at mom’s but I wanted to send you this quick note about “freedom.”



My beautiful friend Lynn Bardowski, aka The Million Dollar Party Girl, asked me to explain in 2-3 sentences what freedom means to me. Here was my reply:

“For me, true freedom is finally owning
your truth, heeding those whispers

that come from within, those nudges that say,
“THIS is who you are and
what you are meant to do!”
If you can learn to hear your source,
and not only hear it, but follow its advice,
true freedom and all that comes with it –
joy, abundance, purpose –
naturally flow to you.
It’s about connecting to your unique
embracing it, sharing it, casting out your gifts
with faith, enthusiasm and gratitude.
Time freedom and financial freedom
are a natural result of finding
and living your truth!”

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Your turn.

Is freedom having all the time in the world to pursue your passions? Is it working for yourself? Is it freeing yourself from the bonds and chains of an unhealthy relationship? Is it finally lifting the veil and showing the world who you really are? Is it the courage to tell your story?

Think about that today. As those of us in the U.S. celebrate our freedom, ask yourself what that word means to you. And recognize that you have the ability to be free in so many ways. Freedom from negative thinking, from sabotaging self talk. Freedom from darkness and uncertainty. Freedom from feeling “less than.”

What does freedom mean to you?

I would love to hear your answers. Just leave a comment below and lay it on me!

Have a fun, beautiful, juicy, restorative weekend!

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