Quickies are awesome

Real quick – I’ve had the privilege this year of working with some of the folks who are enjoying the kind of life that most of the world admires. I was asked yesterday in an interview what I’ve noticed about successful people. I wanted to share my answer with you because I think it’s important! Here, in random order are a few universal traits of highly
successful, happy, fulfilled people!

  1. They make quick decisions.

Successful people don’t waste time debating. This has worked wonders for me, too. If I’m offered a great opportunity, I take it and then figure out the details later!

  1. Successful people are able to make fast decisions because they know their North Star.

They know their goals. They know what they are moving towards. So they are able to spot which decisions will get help them get there and which are a waste of time. Suzanne Evans is always saying, “If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a no.”

3. They watch their mouths.

Successful people mind their language. They don’t allow themselves to speak in negativity. They don’t use words that suggest lack or hardship. HUGE shift for me. When I stopped saying, “I can’t afford that,” my bank account grew. I don’t think there is anything that is out of reach. I don’t say “I can’t afford it,” I say, ‘Ok I want this, so what do I have
to do, create or sell to get it!”

  1. They have fun.

Fun is a PRIORITY. I see way too many entrepreneurs trying to run a “freedom business” but checking their email 24/7, getting annoyed if people don’t answer them immediately, stressing about the perfect this, the perfect that. Have fun people. It makes you more interesting.

  1. They are compassionate. The string of scandals with high powered people lately (hello Jared from Subway) are proof that karma is a bitch no matter who you are. Successful people are decent. They give a shit. They understand that the world doesn’t revolve around them. They give gifts to their assistant’s kids and they open the doors for people.

6. They honor their dreams, no matter how weird or seemingly off course.

That’s why Reese Witherspoon has a clothing site and several Oscar winning actors are in rock bands. Do what the hell you want to do in this life.

7. They wake up early and meditate.

It’s huge.

8. They have coaches of all kinds.

Spiritual coaches. Business coaches. Astrology coaches. Because successful people know the importance of trying something new and the importance of ALWAYS learning.

  1. They eat well and exercise all the time.

I’m still working on this one. Love donuts, love wine, hate running. In fact, if you see me running you should run too because there is probably something chasing me.

OK, so maybe that wasn’t a quickie but I hope you are satisfied. 😉 These work! Try to incorporate some of these into YOUR daily life and mindset.

Gotta run. Coffee’s done!

To your new kick ass success mindset.

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