OMG, when does it get easy?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? Just when you think things are going your way BAM! Something happens, big or small that shakes you to your core! (This is longer than usual, but it means so much to me so I hope you’ll read the whole thing. Five minutes tops!)

Have you ever heard yourself say:

“When does it get easy?”

“Why does it feel like I take 2 steps forward and 5 back?”

“When will life just ease up!??!”

I have felt this way SO many times over the last ten years. When my first business took off overnight, and then failed; when my marriage felt nearly over every other day; when I finally figured out what to do with my life and then found myself unexpectedly pregnant with my third child.

But these years of studying have shown me the answer, and once you hear it, your relationship to change will be forever altered, and as a result, your “OMG when does it get easier” days will be drastically reduced.

I have had a lot of major shifts but this was a biggie.

So here’s the deal. You don’t want life to ease up. You dont want things to stop changing because if they do, you’re probably dead!

Change, any change, from huge changes like a new home and a surprise baby to small changes like a canceled dinner date used to send me into “Why ME!?” anxiety.

But there’s what I learned.

Change is a privilege. Because it means you’re ALIVE.

Just like the clock is ALWAYS ticking and the weather is always moving and your heart is always beating… life is ALWAYS flowing.

Plot Twist!When you can learn to accept change, big or small, as a rhythm of life that is as natural and inevitable as the earth’s rotation, you stop being crippled by it. You embrace it. You yell “plot twist” and adjust your sails and move forward. Because the alternative to change is death.

Change is a blessing. Change challenges us to use our minds and our capacity for critical thinking and our ability to maintain our peace and composure. We were given survival instincts for a reason. We are built to respond, accept and conquer change. Step to the challenge like a warrior!

The next time life throws you a curve ball, just say a quiet “Thanks. Thanks for the reminder that I’m still breathing; that I’m still very much alive, and that I’m bold, resilient and powerful.”

There is always a miracle underneath a change. It requires some blind faith. Sometimes we don’t find out what the miracle was til years later. Sometimes we don’t find out at all. But change isn’t an exercise in KNOWING. It’s an exercise in growth and acceptance.

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Change- it does a body good 😉

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