“They” say this will hurt me

Ever wonder who in the heck “they” are? And why they talk so darn much?


All of my life I’ve been hearing from “them.” When I desperately wanted to pursue a career in the arts, I didn’t; because “they” say it’s tough to find a good job in that field.

When I wanted to wait awhile to get married because I didn’t feel quite ready, I got married anyway; because “they” say a good man is hard to find…and that the grass isn’t always greener… and that the biological clock was ticking.

And just last week, when I sent you a message about my free program and admitted that I was a little afraid to share it because it was so personal, I got more than one message from my community and from my peers telling me that I should have used a different subject line; because “they” say people in my industry should never show a weakness. It costs them clients.

But I say, sitting behind a wall, under a veil, refusing to be vulnerable would cost me something much more important–a connection to you.

I’m not perfect. I’ve undergone an incredible transformation and that journey was the catalyst for a successful business and work that I love.

But I’m still human. I still get scared. Words still sting. Feelings still swirl like tidal wave inside sometimes.

What’s different now is that I smash through that fear with action. And you know having it all - a free course! what? It works. The free program I offered had HUNDREDS of opt ins, one of our greatest responses to a free offering yet. And almost 100 of those people have joined the private master mind group on fb. (And are having major a-ha moments!)

There’s something beautiful about stepping into your power. You learn to follow the only voice that truly matters; the one that always has your back — your own.
So here’s my message for you today, short and sweet.

Forget what “they” say. Because “they”:

  • do not walk in your shoes,
  • haven’t dreamed your dreams,
  • can’t possibly understand the depths of your soul or the beauty of your truth,
  • wouldn’t know how to begin to understand your deepest desires…or your deepest fears,
  • would be amazed if they knew the lengths you would go to, to honor yourself and the vision that’s been placed in your heart!

So tell me, what have “they” said you couldn’t do? And who is ready to prove them wrong?

We won’t be opening the doors yet to private coaching for a few more weeks, but get your foot in the door! Tell me your deepest, juiciest, “keeping you up at night” desires! Tell me the plan, the passion, the calling,  the hotter than a blue flame fantasies.

Tell me. Telling me is the first step to transforming a wish list into a TO DO list! Be one of the brave ones. Raise your hand. Get what you want out of this life.

Here’s to being unstoppable

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