Surprise. I’m human.

Ever have one of those weeks where the very thought of being “you” is overwhelming and exhausting? That was me last week. My energy was the lowest it’s been in a long time. I had no motivation to work, found myself falling asleep at 8:30pm with the children and even canceled some of my appointments. I was in a terrible frame of mind which is especially frustrating for someone like me. I kept thinking, “I teach this crap! I can help everyone else shift to a higher place, why can’t I help myself this week!?”

I did what anyone normal person in my situation would do. I ate some Doritos and watched a Super Soul Sunday marathon.

Sad lady watching tv

But then I got tired of feeling like a victim and I got smart. I emailed my friend Hemal Radia. You know him as THE Law of Attraction of Expert, but I am lucky enough to know him as Hemal, the friend who always makes me laugh and kicks my butt back into gear. I loved his response to me and I wanted to share it with you.

Hemal wrote:  “Usually the best way of addressing something is to identify exactly what it’s about – address the specific source of it.
“The reason oftentimes people do not deal with something (and a clue of that is it keeps coming back) is because they haven’t gotten to the root of it.

“Ask yourself, “What specifically is the issue here?” and when you get the answer, feel free to ask more specificity questions including “So what?”, “So why is that an issue for me?”, “And why is THAT an issue for me?”, “And that?” and so on.”

I LOVED that answer because it reminded me that a bad mood (even one that lasts an entire week) is nothing more than information. And when I stopped feeling sorry for myself and followed Hemal’s advice, I knew EXACTLY what the root of my mood was. And once you know the source, you know the course. I could then begin to take action to shift and grow. Bad moods are just information. They are just there to shine a light on something you need to deal with, release or change.  

I also asked him how he determines between ego chatter and God’s will.

He replied: “People presume that the miraculous and most amazing experiences come from ‘destiny’ and “God’s will”, but wouldn’t dealing with resistance at whatever level someone is at count as part of that journey? You’ve got to start where you are, after all, eh? I believe the most miraculous experiences generally come when we are higher in our energy or in fragments of higher energy (as inspiration and creative flow) but we need to get there along the way and deal with our emotions and resistance, so why can’t they be part of “destiny” and “God’s will”? What I might suggest is to get in touch with yourself, your values, your spirit (which is in the opposite direction of fear – a different frequency) and raise your energy so that you are operating from a place of strength and empowerment rather than of fear and what might go wrong. If you couldn’t get it wrong what would you choose? If you couldn’t fail, what would you do? If there would be no criticism of you, what would you choose?”

BINGO! If you ask those three questions you get to the heart of what you actually WANT, you get real with yourself. And that is the starting point for lasting change. Getting real is where it’s at. It’s where you make space for the new and it’s the threshold you step over to become the person you are meant to be. 

As usual, I walked away from Hemal feeling lighter and back to my warrior self. In fact, if you want a few free sample chapters from Hemal’s book, (and I highly recommend it!) click here.

Remember, your mood is just that- a MOOD. Its not your reality. It’s a temporary circumstance gifted to you as valuable information about yourself. Shift into search and solve mode. Find the lesson underneath the mood. Use it to shape and transform your beautiful life!

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