Multiple Joygasms

This is about the day I realized I had a messed up relationship with pleasure. And I am wondering if maybe you do too! It was spring and I was taking one of those magazine quizzes and the question said, “Fill in the blanks: Pleasure feels__________________.” To my surprise, (and horror) the first words that came to my mind were:

  • Bad.
  • Guilty.
  • Selfish.

WHAT!?!?! I was shocked. I honestly had no idea that I felt that way. It was quite a wake up call. I did some deep thinking and realized that this troubled relationship I had to pleasure was possibly affecting my sex life, my time with my friends, my self care and even my willingness to eat really quality food! For some reason feeling really good felt really wrong. I didn’t really want to dive into the psychology of my past to find out why so instead, I decided right then and there that my entire summer would be devoted to bliss. I made up my mind that everything I did would be in pursuit of or in support of multiple joygasms. 

Joygasm- a solitary moment of pure bliss; a recognition of being in total flow; an absorption of love, peace, passion and happiness.

Multiple Joygasm- a commitment to ensuring that at least 75% of your life is filled with joygasms.


And I did it! I spent my summer sipping good wine, eating good food, sitting by the bonfire with friends, meditating, allowing for some unbridled passion, playing with my children, catching fireflies, living life. It was bliss. And I got addicted! That summer project turned into a life-long promise.

What is YOUR relationship to pleasure? When was your last joygasm? What can you do right now to start having multiple joygasms? What needs to come into your life? What needs to be released?
Pleasure is awesome. Feeling good is holy. Unapologetic self-care is sacred.

Pleasure is awesome. Feeling good is holy. Unapologetic self-care is sacred. (click to tweet this)

So go ahead. Get some. ;)

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