I’ve Met My Inner Voice. And She Rocks.


Call it what you want—Inner Voice, Intuition, the Voice of the Infinite. We all have it. The problem is that most people coast through life never getting to know it. And when you don’t know it, don’t listen to it, don’t attempt to connect with it, you miss out on an endless flowing river of power and purpose direct from the God of your understanding.

Every once in a while, my awesome mentor Shanda Sumpter mentions a book she’s currently loving. And she’s never steered me wrong. Most recently she was singing the praises of Russ Whitney’s Inner Voice. That same day, I came across a blog post by Larry Benet and guess what? He was recommending the same book. I don’t need to be told three times. I immediately ordered my copy. But I wasn’t prepared.

Russ Whitney doesn’t just share his own incredible journey to the center of his Inner Voice, he fully expects you to walk with him. You’ve got work to do. The kind of work that when you finally get through it, you wonder why you waited so long. And unlike a lot of books that tell you what to do and then send you out to pasture, Russ gives you a blue print. And if you look at that blue print and it feels just a bit too overwhelming, he hands you an inner voice coach to guide you through it. This is more than a book. It’s an engaged community. It’s a movement; a way of life.

Inner Voice takes us through the four stages we pass through here on earth. It teaches us HOW to make two-way conscious contact with our inner voice, which is, in essence, one of the more beautiful and productive ways to learn and to pray.

This journey is not for the faint of heart. This is for the courageous souls who aren’t at all afraid of a detour into a dark forest, because they know it’s a short cut to paradise. By way of Russ’s ——— you will turn back time and revisit your past. I get it. A visit to the past isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. But it’s in our past that our limiting and false beliefs were formed so it’s there that we must go to smash through them!

Every once in a while you meet someone and feel instantly blessed. And that is exactly how I felt when I first had the opportunity to speak with Russ. This is a man who amassed a huge fortune, sat at the helm of Fortune 500 companies and then hit rock bottom only to rise again, this time as the most authentic version of himself, sharing his wisdom from a place of humble service but with that same passion and enthusiasm that we are used to from Russ Whitney. Grab a copy. Get to know him. And more importantly, get to know yourself.


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