Black Friday BS


I love Thanksgiving – the parade, the pie, the return of our very mischievous “Elf on a Shelf,” but one thing I do not get into is BlackFriday madness, or, as my father likes to call it, Black Friday B.S.!

Not only do I not enjoy being up at 3am for any reason, but there’s a frantic energy of that “busiest shopping day of the year” that I just can’t relate to.

I get it. It’s a huge day for anyone who has anything to sell. People are looking for a deal and are prepared to buy! But one of the things on my gratitude list this year is YOU. I am humbled and thankful for your presence in this little virtual family we have, so rather than selling something to you, I’d like to create something for you.

Hit reply, (really! please do!) and tell me what you need. What product or book do you wish existed? What do you need that you haven’t yet found in the market? The muse is here and she is radiant. So talk to me. Let’s make some magic and blast into 2015 all hot and sparkly and fulfilled!

Contact me and tell me what you want me to create for you.

Thanksgiving is more than a holiday. It is a state of mind. =)

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