Are you missing Divine messages?

As I begin the process of writing my first novel, I decided to really take stock of what has led to this beautiful expansion that I’ve experienced over the last few years. My friend and editor asked me if I could pin point the defining moment of my shift.

I can’t.

I started to. I wrote down one thing, and then another and then another. Pretty soon I had a huge list of people, places, resources and experiences that had all played a unique and vital role in changing my life: energy healing sessions, tapping, astrology, meditation, classes on writing, classes on finding my “spiritual brand,” you name it, I’ve tried it in the last few years!

I never would have met my soul sister Dawn had I not joined a random coaching group. And Dawn introduced me to my new spiritual mentor. And that spiritual mentor suggested I read a certain book. And that book had me trying a new form of meditation.

All pieces to the puzzle, all links in the chain. All things that showed up along the way as I just kept moving forward.

Woman meditating
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The deepest soul revelations begin when we open the door a crack, just enough to let in the light, which shines directly on the next step. (click to tweet this!)

This week I encourage you to be open. Having a nudge to take a different way home? Or to send an email to someone you admire? Or to start making notes for a project you can’t yet describe. DO it!

Open the door, let in the light!

Have an awesome day my friend!

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