You are not alone

Last week I posted this on my personal facebook page:

“What would feel like a miracle to you right now?
What one problem do you wish you had the answer to?”

What happened next amazed me. My inbox was FLOODED with messages from people I haven’t spoken to in years and from people I didn’t even know! So many people getting up, doing what they have to do with a smile on their face all the while privately struggling.

sadThey struggle with infertility.

They struggle with long held resentments between relatives.

They need more money.

They need a happier marriage.

They need their business to start working before it causes a divorce.

They just want to be happy.

My heart was so full; of gratitude that they trusted me with their most private longing; with empathy for their challenge; with hope for their peace.

You are not alone. Whatever you are struggling with, someone else is struggling with you. Someone is quietly praying for you. And someone else is willing to help.

Happiness is simple. People weigh their options against a million different factors (kids, money etc) But it’s so simple. The only litmus test you need is “does this feel good?” Period. Does the joy I get from this FAR outweigh the pain? If it doesn’t, choose differently. Its that simple. When you do what feels good FIRST, love, money and abundance will follow.

Joy is the PRE-REQUISITE to all of those other things you want.

I repeat. JOY must come first. The other blessings will follow. JOY readies the ground for growth and new life.

But you cannot stay silent. You cannot sit back and hope that something will fall into your lap and fix it all. You’ve got to ask. You’ve got to reach out. You’ve got to accept help. You’ve got to honor this one life you are given by doing whatever it takes to make it beautiful, passionate, JOYFUL.

So reach out. Tell me what you need me to help you with. Sparkle and shine! =)

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