What the Hell Do You Want?

I’ll keep it short. I’m feeling extra feisty today and here’s why: This weekend my mother called and said, “Get over here and go through these old boxes from college!”


I spent all day on a trip down memory lane; back to a time when my days were filled with creativity, art, dance and theatre classes; when my nights were filled with campfires and wine and my weekends were brimming over with passion, adventure and discovery.

It hit me. Hard. I love my life. But it’s missing a lot.

I haven’t picked up a paintbrush or taken a dance class in 15 years. If my life is great now, wouldn’t it be even BETTER if I welcomed back the muse; uncovered that young, vibrant artist that’s been buried by obligation and adulthood?

Are you going through your adult life without vital parts of your soul’s recipe? Are there layers of your love and light that you’ve left behind. And WHY?

You get one life. So get real with yourself. What the hell do you want out of this one life and why aren’t you moving mountains to get it while you still have time?

What will YOU do? What will you let back in? Happiness is about feeling good. Period. Doing things that feel good. Getting what you want out of life. So what do you want more of?

Embrace it. Own it. Shout it. GET it. Let me know if you want me to help you.

I’m awake now. And I have a plan for taking that young, creative, passionate, sexy girl and folding her right into the woman I am NOW. And I can’t wait to share it with you.

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