This breaks my heart

You know I am usually the positivity queen, but something is bothering me. Lately, every time I turn on the TV or power up the home page I see headlines of death, war and terror. People starving. Women and children being mercilessly killed.

sadAnd as I sit here, reading this stuff from the comfort of my air conditioned house in my safe and beautiful community, I cannot help but feel a deep ache for the people whose lives, for reasons I will never understand, are marred with pain and anguish.

Where are you sitting while you read this? At your comfortable desk? Or maybe curled up on your couch with your iPhone? In a coffee shop? On your porch enjoying the quiet and your hot (or maybe iced) tea?

Do you realize the incredible miracle you are experiencing just reading this email without the threat of insurgents coming through the door or the background noise of bombs dropping?

Don’t feel guilty. Guilt is wasteful energy. I just read an article that suggested that the best thing we can do to honor the lives of the less fortunate is to live our lives as fully as we can. The bigger you reach, the more of a difference you can make. The farther you step outside of your comfort zone, the broader an impact you can have.

There, in your corner of the world, in that cozy corner of your soul, you’ve got a dream manifesting. In this world we share, there are so many people whose dreams are never given the chance to ignite into reality.

But yours can. I can SEE you. I see that you have fire in your heart, ideas that have been blooming slowly for years, a purpose you know you are being called to. But I also see fear. Fear of failure, fear of spending money on a “maybe,” fear of being judged, of making a mistake. I’m challenging you now to dig deep into the recesses of your heart, where true courage lies, and bring it forth once and for all. Around the world, there are people standing up for massive change, for religious freedom, for education.

When will you stand up for yourself?

HONOR the gift of life that you have been given, the blessing of safety, choice and opportunity. Honor it by living the kind of life that so many people are robbed of. Pray for them, in whatever way that you do, and use their stories as inspiration.

What is it that you want? What pulls you? What drums up so much passion for you, that you’ll stop at nothing to make it happen? Do you even know?

Strive to live the life that you daydream about. So that you can feel more. So that you can DO more.

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