The One Thing Happy Women Know

You’ll want to read this one all they way to the end!

There are health coaches, sex coaches, business coaches, success coaches and probably coaches for just about anything you can google. But here’s the deal– if you get happy, all of those other things start to take care of themselves.

So how do you get happier? I’ve been blessed to speak with some of the happiest, most successful people on the planet and they all shared one common value (and it’s kinda tough to hear) :


You’re cute and you probably could rock a glass slipper, but no prince charming is coming to save you. And you know what? That’s freaking fantastic. (To be clear, he may indeed walk in, but you will have already been saved.)
Price Charming

You have every bit of power you need to be your own hero, to write your own happy ending. To buy your own diamond ring (or house, or over-priced yoga clothes or whatever else it is that makes your mouth water.)

Happiness is not an exclusive club.

Everyone on earth, regardless of genetics, geography or circumstance has the opportunity to lead an expansive, amazing life. It’s truly a responsibility that you CHOOSE, with enthusiasm, to take on for yourself.

Successful WomanResponsibility says:

  • I hold the keys. I’m in the driver’s seat. I don’t have to wait, I can start now because the solution lies with me.
  • I am in charge of my peace and prosperity.
  • I am CEO of my life. I decide who stays, who goes, my company mission statement etc.

Blame is passive. Responsibility is productive.

Waiting is painful. Responsibility is empowering.

Victim-hood says “I can’t believe I suffered like this.” Responsibility says “My journey and my struggles have made me colorful, powerful and one of a kind.”

Sorrow is the belief that things are only getting worse. Responsibility asks “Where in this challenge is the opportunity to learn and grow?”

You can stay safe or you can soar.
You can keep your baseline or defy genetics

and circumstance and get what you want.

So after you read this, take stock of what parts of your life aren’t going the way you want them to. And just for a moment, imagine that you have everything you need to turn it around in your favor (because you do). What would you fix, change, release or expand?

Contact me or leave a comment and tell me. I’m happy to listen, happy to help, happy to celebrate with you once you’ve done it!

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