Gina Hussar
What people are Saying
Shanda Sumpter

“Gina – thanks for always turning around great copy that is always in the voice of HeartCore Business. It’s rare that I get copy back that I don’t tweak multiple times. I really appreciate your writing and most of all LOVE Your ability to make ebooks and promotional material pop! You’re great…”

Shanda Sumpter
Michelle McReavy

“Gina is a rock star!! When I spoke with Gina I had a very vague idea of what it was I wanted to do. Literally in a 15-minute chat she had my business nailed down and my modules created. I was in sheer awe. I can just imagine what she can do with that brilliant mind at one of her intensives!”

Michelle McReavy
Sheldon Pizzinat Sheldon Pizzinat,

“Gina's generous time and talents were a "must have" for me to launch a new phase of self-expression and get my talents and gifts to all those people waiting for them. She is just the right blend of loving and tough to get you re-committed to your vision. Plus, she is great at copy, sales and brand advice. The woman is a triple threat!”

Devorah Spillman Devorah Spillman,

“Gina jumped in and totally transformed a crucial solo email to promote my summit. This email got way more attention and more opt ins than the one we had send out before. Gina is both talented and generous. She sees a need and fills it with excellence. You can always count on her perceptive insight and articulate voice.”

Valerie Marsh

“Working with Gina is best decision I have ever made in my entire life. To say that she was instrumental in creating my dream life is an understatement! I felt a nudge to work with her when I only knew that I needed to change my life. I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do but she gave me the tools and time to gain clarity. Once I was clear about my dream, she helped me take the necessary steps and held that vision for me even when I didn’t believe in myself. Now I have a new profession, a website and a list of subscribers. I couldn’t have done it without her and my life has expanded in other areas. Thanks to Gina, I went from overwhelm and stress to peace and joy. If you feel the nudge to work with her, go ahead and follow your intuition. You won’t regret it!”

Valerie Marsh
Tia Kelly

“When I first came to Gina I was struggling in my coaching practice. I had a list and I had a good idea of what I wanted my business to feel like, but nothing was succinct, and I didn’t have a cohesive brand or signature program to offer. In other words I was all over the place!

In a few short months Gina took me from having no public face, no brand, no signature program, no website and no clear vision of my perfect client, to a having  a beautiful website, copy that spoke from my heart and directly to the women looking for me, an Epic signature program, and a sales funnel that flowed beautifully.

Getting from A to B would have taken me years of struggle and lost opportunities if I had tried to do it alone. Working with Gina pretty much hand delivered everything I saw happening for successful coaches in my field, and she made it possible for me too.

Even though Gina has done all of this and more for me, she’s completely set me up to go… I won’t stop working with her! I will continue to work with Gina for the duration, because her genius runs deep. She understands my brand, my clients, and my voice. She surpasses all of my expectations and delivers content overnight that would literal take me a year to create. I can’t live without her on my team and it’s obvious I wasn’t doing a very good job before she came along.

One of the most beautiful and satisfying things about working with Gina is the clarity and ease that it brought to my business. I now have so much more clarity around who I am as a coach, who my clients are, and how I can best serve them. When I combine this sense of clarity, ease, flow and abundance, that’s what success feels like to me!

I tell all of my colleagues about what Gina has done for me. For anyone who knows me it’s obvious the transformation. Her works speaks for itself.”

Tia Kelly
Donna Hill

I have to tell you that I was blown away by our discussion. I cannot say that I have ever met anyone who could so quickly grasp the core issues at hand and break them down as Gina did on our call. She is extremely gifted and intuitive. I left our discussion feeling energized and hopeful about the future. I’m amazed that in the course of 30 or 40 minutes she was able to so adeptly capture the essence of where/how I am ‘stuck’ in finding my path and how creative her suggested action plan was to get ‘unstuck’. I say this from the bottom of my heart – she is amazing!

Donna Hill

"I met Gina Hussar through an organization that we both belong to.  I was in desperate need of having my InfusionSoft sales funnel campaign upgraded, and I gave Gina a try.  The results were nothing short of fabulous!  Gina put her editing and sales copy writing skills to work, to make my campaign sing.  I’ve just had the opportunity to use the front end of the funnel emails, and my conversion rate jumped 25%.  This first experience of working with Gina was so successful, that I hired her to revamp my sales page, and my webinar script.  Again, the results are more than I could have hoped for.  I highly recommend Gina for her copywriting, editing and creative skills.  I know that I’ll be working with her often.”

Sheila Paxton, CEO, Program Certification Formula

“The 6 Month Miracle Project program is my bible; I refer to it often.”

Pamela Furno

“I loved the 6 Month Miracle Project and have a three ring binder dedicated to it. It has helped me through so much.”

Amy Fossen

"Fantastically empowering and has lifted the veil from my eyes. Gina’s spiritual, new age guidance with earthy (sometimes a little bit naughty) soulful undertones set her apart from all the others which makes me sit up and listen!"

Jane Warburton