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Dreams, Deals and Bullsh*t

Ever get emails that sound like this?

“This will never happen again at this price!”

“This is the ONLY WAY to get happy and rich!”

“In just six weeks, your life will be exactly what you want it to be!”

Or they have a tone like this:

“Here’s a shot of my mansion in this luxury city and you don’t have one yet because you’ve never worked with me.”


My life is amazing because I am my own boss and you’re unhappy because you’re not.”

So much of it is complete crap! And the first week of January is LOADED with emails like these. (Gotta capitalize on all that resolution stuff right?)

You want the truth? Here’s the truth.

I can’t blame them, as our business mentors teach us that we are supposed to represent the “after” of the before and after scenario.

Have I made great money doing what I love? Yep.

Did I navigate a horrendous personal situation and come out the other side with a completely transformed spirit and a peace and resilience NO one thought was possible? Yep.

Do I enjoy a pretty great reality that allowed me to take yesterday off and spend the day with my honey, and a day off last week to drink chardonnay at noon with my friends? Yes.

But I’m not the after honey.

I’m the middle. There is no AFTER.

Living a great life- a life of bliss and beauty and love and purpose and abundance, has nothing to do with reaching a concrete milestone.

Write the book. Make six figures. Meet the man. Lose the weight. Those are all great goals. Great dreams. But I can promise you they are NOT the end. They are not the “after.”

The “good” life comes from one thing and one thing only – ALIGNMENT. Daily, consistent commitment to alignment.

The dictionary defines alignment as “an agreement or alliance.” What alignment is to us is an agreement and alliance between our soul and our reality. A contract between our hearts and our daily lives. A commitment to attuning our truth to our choices.

Listen I’ve published a best-selling book on amazon. I’ve made the six figures. I’ve spoken on the stages and met the celebrities. Did ANY of it permanently enhance my daily experience of life? No.

What finally DID? Alignment. Making sure I knew exactly what my non-negotiable feelings and values were.

I want to feel: Love, Light, Creativity, Connection, Significance, Freedom, Abundance.

Free time, money, love, creativity, purpose, connection to spirit, connection to family and friends.

Those are the things I will not negotiate on. I have actually lost clients who didn’t like the fact that my team and I don’t work weekends. I didn’t sweat it, because there’s always another client and my weekends with my family are NOT on the negotiation table.

She offered me a LOT of money on monthly retainer, but basically, I would have to be at her beck and call. No thanks. Because I knew what would happen. I would be cranky as hell, resenting her, resenting the work, and not doing a very good job because of it. We would BOTH lose.

One of my colleagues recently said to me, “I have worked SO hard to fill my program that my wife honestly threatened to leave me.” Um.. ok. The whole point to selling your program was so you could spend MORE time with your wife, so how does it make sense to work SO hard at it that she might not be there at the end? That’s some major misalignment and a sure fire fast track to disaster and regret!

With every decision I make, I ask myself this question:

Is this decision in alignment with my non-negotiables? Does it keep me feeling how I want to feel and having what I want to have?

If it doesn’t, it’s a no. No matter how scary or painful it might be to walk away from, it’s far more painful to be out of alignment with your soul, breaking contract with your heart and suffering massive spirit fatigue because of it.

I can promise you that your truth will not mislead you and you will find yourself living the life you imagined.

But it doesn’t happen in the AFTER, it happens in the middle. What the after actually is, is the peace of living in flow and alignment on a DAILY basis. It’s not a destination you reach, it’s a way of life you commit to.

So, what are your non-negotiables? How do you want to feel? And are your choices in alignment? Are you honoring the contract between your reality and your soul?

If not, this is the year to do it ok?

I’m with you.



Something special for my fellow heart-centered entrepreneurs. Are you are pushing, striving, not sleeping, not enjoying your business, frustrated, overwhelmed and working too hard for too little in return? You are out of alignment honey!

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Why you aren’t making money

Ever just get tired of thinking about money?

Before I started this business, I remember a conversation I had with my friend in which I said, “I don’t need to be a millionaire. I just want to go to bed without thinking about money. I want to eat out twice in one week and NOT feel guilty about it. I want to buy a new freaking lipstick without feeling like I’ve just taken money out of my kids’ mouths!”

The bills were being paid (usually on time) but it just never seemed like there was ENOUGH. Aa certified Law of Attraction Coach I get a LOT of emails from people centered around the universal language of “not enough.” And I have found that there are a few main reasons that people fail to enjoy the kind of wealth they are meant to enjoy. That’s right. You were BORN to be wealthy. And there is an endless supply of money out there that belongs to you. How long are you going to leave it sitting there unclaimed?

So check out this list. Get really honest about where your money gap is. That’s the first step to closing it!


  1. You have adopted the false belief that money is something OTHER people have. You have it too. Its already yours. Now you’ve got to expand your container for receiving it. Picture yourself walking through a desert and a waterfall appears. How much water can you take? Depends on the size of your container right? Make the container (your mind) HUGE and expansive knowing that in doing so, you are able to receive and fill it with enormous amounts of abundance. (By the way you don’t need tons of money to make tons of money. You need the guts to invest a little to make a LOT.)
  2. Your definition of wealth is warped or you’ve forgotten to manage your expectations. Focus on GROWTH and GRATITUDE. The richest things in life have nothing to do with dollar bills. Love, family, creativity, sex, joy, nature. Those are the things that are RICH. Be grateful for those. Feel the wealth of abundance in those intangible things and you set yourself on a wavelength to attract abundance in ALL forms.
  3. You need to get responsible. There are endless stories of people who came from nothing and went on to be self-made millionaires…during the great depression. It’s not the economy’s fault. It’s not your parent’s fault, or your husband’s or anyone else’s. Your results and your circumstances are in YOUR hands. When you expect anyone else to provide your dream reality you are setting yourself up for resentment. Resentment and regret are the taxes you pay for not taking charge of your life.
  4. You have no idea what your true purpose is and have therefore failed to take action. So many people do this backwards. I was guilty of this for years. They think they need to be clear before they act. But action gives birth to clarity. Do something, anything that FEELS good and clarity will come. When it does, follow it, feed it, feel into it.
  5. You lack the foundation. Your wealth house is built out of cotton, not bricks. If you are an entrepreneur you need a business that is aligned with your soul and primed for profits. If you’re not making money you’ve got a spiritual gap or a strategy gap. You either aren’t connected to your vision, you’re not effectively communicating that vision to your audience or you’re not connecting it to their greatest need. The great news is that it’s all fixable!

Those are just a few of the things that keep people from claiming their wealth.

Remember, broke is a temporary circumstance. Wealth is a state of mind.