Step one to creating miracles

Before I get started I just want you to know that I adore you. For real. I often wonder if you can feel it! I wonder if the gratitude I feel and the warmth actually translates through cyberspace? I hope it does. I had the chance to meet with a bunch of soulful, courageous women last week in my town and I wish I could meet you too!

Because you see, depth of connection is one of the values that is housed in my soul manifesto.

Creating your soul manifesto is one of the first steps you need to take to set yourself on the miracle track. This manifesto is the list of deep, meaningful values that you are committed to building your life around. You soul manifesto is how you define the kind of year you’ll have, the kind of relationships you’ll enjoy and the kind of life you’ll create.

Your Soul Manifesto is your personal, autobiographical scripture. Before you can start creating miracles, you’ve got to define for yourself what a miraculous life looks and feels like!

Click to tweet thisIf you know your soul manifesto (your spirit-deep, non-negotiable values) life gets easier. (Click to tweet this!) When a decision needs to be made, it either supports your soul manifesto or it doesn’t. The guess work is gone.

Don’t freak. You don’t need to be a writer. Choose single words that define what’s important. Choose words that you strive to embody. Words that make up the tapestry of your dream life. Words you can look at and instantly remember who you are and what you want.

And then pick one to be your word of the year! Make it pretty, make it your screensaver, print it out and hang it on the wall. It’s not enough to know your guiding values. You’ve got to write them, live them, embrace them, wrap your heart around them, know them inside and out and commit to creating a life that embodies the spirit of each of them.

Here is my soul manifesto. The words that represent the values and goals for life and my year ahead.



And in case you hadn’t noticed, my word of the year is “miracles.” Would love to hear yours! Leave a comment and let me know. =)

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