Gina Hussar

The studio for brands who are feeling called
to offer a new, soul-based product or offering.

Journals. Books. Inspirational T-shirts. Calendars. Capsule Jewelry collections.
Personal development programs. The sky is the limit.

You: Have a body of work, are feeling called to expand it, and have no idea what that looks like.

Us: Geeking out on this stuff and ready to help you.

Partner with Gina and her team to create beautiful, inspiring products or services for your audience.

The process begins with a Brand Discovery session, during which you and Gina will determine what type of product or service will seamlessly fit into your current offerings.

Moving up market?

Moving down market?

Shaking things up with an entirely new line?

Whatever you’re doing, do it mindfully, do it soulfully, do it strategically and do it with us.

To learn more about SOULED! fill out the form below and I will be in touch soon. Be sure and let me know what you think you need from this process.

I’m Gina Hussar and I’m here to help creative, visionary entrepreneurs build (and ROCK!) their passion fueled businesses. I’m a published author, internationally published magazine writer, certified Law of Attraction and Business Coach, total book nerd, mom of three who geeks out finding the EXACT words that perfectly capture your brand and set you center stage with a big old neon spotlight.

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