Saw God at the grocery store

No really I did. And at the bank. And at McDonalds.

God is reading this post right now.

In fact God is writing it.

Because here’s the truth – You were created by the Higher Power. So just like you have the DNA of your parents, you ALSO have DIVINE DNA running through your veins.

Did you know that there are men in India who can pull jewels out of thin air? There are people right here in America who can heal illness with touch?

hands and butterfly

But HERE’s THE TRUTH. Not one of these people is special. Not one of them has special powers. They perform miracles, sure. But they weren’t “chosen” any more than you and I are. They just have total faith in their divine power.

Do you remember my story?

I had a failed business and a disconnected marriage. I was depressed. Empty. Anxious. And hugely disappointed that my life looked nothing like I wanted it to look. My soul felt stomped on.

Now? I am HAPPY. I am healthy. I am running a profitable business that I love. I wake up every day SO grateful for my lifestyle and my loves. The only thing I did to start creating this miracle life for myself was to decide that miracles were my norm.

There was no smoke. No visit from angels.

It went something like this:

“F—k this. I am 35 years old and I am too young to be this miserable. From this moment on, I am happy. I don’t give a shit what anyone else is doing or how anyone else is living or how anyone else treats me. I am happy. I declare at this moment that I am a happy, peaceful, blissed out, smiling like a freaking toothpaste ad happy woman. And I don’t care who you are. That’s who I am.“

Miracles do not discriminate. They don’t happen to only special people. In fact they don’t “happen” at all by chance. They are CREATED. By US.
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You don’t need to go GET miracle power. You need to remember that you already have it! Divine DNA is within you. Use it! (Click to tweet this)


Make three lists-

List one- this how I want to feel.

List two- this is what I want to do.

List three- this is what I want to have.

And then, make sure that every decision, every choice you make, every word that comes out of your mouth, moves you CLOSER to checking off that list. Period.

That’s the fast track to miracles.

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