Popular UNtruths

I know that what I am about to write will be really unpopular with some people. I might even get a few email unsubscribes, but I am willing to take that chance because I believe in what I am saying and I believe in your right to live how you want to live.

There is this massive trend among top experts telling you the following UNtruths (I wont say lies):

  • That if you want material things you aren’t spiritual.
  • That if you aren’t absolutely content with what you have now, you aren’t spiritual.
  • That if you care how you look you aren’t spiritual.
  • That if you regularly watch The Kardashians,  shame on you

Here’s the truth- Of course your happiness shouldn’t DEPEND on material things. Of course you should always find something to be grateful for and when you do, peace and love and abundance find you.

And of course, your hair shouldn’t be the most important thing on your to do list.


Happiness is about what makes you feel good. Period. 

I’m a girly girl. I spend stupid amounts of money on make up. I also pray and meditate daily.

Anything that makes you feel good, that gets you laughing, that makes you smile, sets the spirit of love and the law of attraction in motion.

When you are happy, you glow. You light up the way for everyone around you. And it doesn’t matter if that glow came from a deep, meditative experience or a luxury face cream that makes you feel like a million bucks.

Happy is happy.

So yes. Learn how to process life in a way that serves you. Learn how to master your mind and stay grateful.

BUT know what happiness means to YOU. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT! Shout it! Claim it! And in the spirit of ONE life, in the name of the clock ticking, for the love of all things awesome GO OUT AND GET IT!

Life should feel like this! Happy women friends

Can I get a hell yes!??! (For real, leave a comment and let me hear it!) 

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