My birthday wish

So my birthday was September 6th and while my birthday normally just passes without much fan fare, this one was different.

This time, my b-day weekend included a winery trip, a hike to a gorgeous waterfall and bonfire with friends. It was such a fun, nurturing weekend and I felt totally celebrated.

But something else was different.

I felt drawn to my own soul. I felt an unwavering loyalty to myself. Let me explain.

I have spent most of my life doing whatever I thought I should do to keep the peace. In fact, I had a beautiful Soul Mapping session with Georgette Star in which she told me (quite amazingly intuitive) that I tend to keep the peace even at the cost of my own serenity. So true. And sad. And so DONE!

Then I reconnected with an old friend who turned me on to an amazing new workout that totally lit me up.

Then I had a phone conversation with the brilliant coach Wendy Collier who pointedly asked me all about my favorite things and pointed out that I don’t do enough of those in my day to day life.


No more. So I spent the last week at the beck and call of my soul. I asked, each morning, “soul, what do you want me to do today?”

And my soul answered. It wanted me to write. And to read. And to get healthy. And to play with my kids. And to take more time off. And as I fully committed to creating a day to day life that answered my soul’s needs, I felt SO recharged, healthy, re-inspired, full of energy. Fierce.

Every moment, of every day, if you listen closely enough, your soul will whisper. And as they say, if you listen to your soul when it whispers, you don’t have to hear it scream. (Click to tweet that. 😉

So , what does your soul need you to do? what does your soul need you to release? Or to commit to? Ask it every day. It is the bridge to your highest good.

Here are just a few things that light me up lately. =)

My new favorite work out – BUTI YOGA:

My new favorite book: LIGHT IS THE NEW BLACK:

My new favorite TED talk:

Enjoy =)

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