My 3 step process for making a decision

Just popping in quickly to share something with you that has helped me over the last few months.

I have had a LOT of decisions to make, both personal and professional. It’s a tricky situation to be in when you are an indecisive commitment phobic.

Here’s my inner monologue-

I need to make a decision.

What if I make the wrong one?

Maybe if I just ignore this it will go away.

Shit its not going away.

I need to make a decision.

doubtful woman


Since it doesn’t seem that anyone is going to magically appear to help me, and the universe seems to be fresh out of neon signs that say “Do THIS,” I have had to come up with my own litmus test – the 3 step alignment test.

Here’s how it works.

When you have a decision to make, scan your soul, your body and your heart.

Soul scan – Make sure you know your list of non-negotiable feelings. Fill in the blanks: I strive to live a life that makes me feel____________, _______________ and ____________________. Does this decision move you CLOSER to feeling those three things? Does it work against any of them? If the decision will definitely help you embody your non-negotiables, its a yes.

Body Scan – Our body holds so many answers for us that we miss because we are distracted by life and family obligations and funny cat videos. Turn off the distractions. Think of the decision you have to make. Pay attention to the physical reactions that naturally happen. Do your shoulders slump, or does your chest open in a show of happy expansion. Do you feel lighter or heavier? Is any pain present or do you feel completely at ease, and find yourself taking deep, replenishing breaths? Or is your heart beating fast in protest?

Heart scan – What we are looking for here is ENTHUSIASM. When you think of your decision, first think about how you would feel if you choose one way. Are you EXCITED about that possibility? Now try the other way. Which visualization fills you with hope and enthusiasm and which fills you with a kind of prison-sentence dread?

That’s it. Every decision should pass the body, heart and soul scan.

Otherwise, you are ignoring the intuitive wisdom of your Source and you could end up at the corner of regret and self-loathing. Not a great area to end up in after dark.

As they say, if it’s not a “hell YES!” it’s a no.

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