Hi. I’m Fear. I Came to Make You Broke and Unhappy.


Something has really been bothering me. It is keeping me at night. That something….is your dream.  What’s bothering me is how many people are living halfway, on autopilot and will never realize how much time they have wasted until their time has nearly run out. SO many of you have a dream. You have a passion. You have gifts to share and people you’ve never met who desperately need you. Yet you stay covered.

There is no worse feeling than regret.  There is nothing more crushing than the knowledge that life is short and that you’ve squandered it away. You can wish, or you can act. You can wonder what life might have been like, or you can make it the way you dreamed it could be.

I am amazed at how many people contact me, sit with me, talk to me, share their journey with tears in their eyes and longing in their hearts. I hear them, I feel their pain and confusion. They are lost, feeling like time is wasting away, unsure of the next steps but certain that they cannot go on one more day in their current reality of anxiety, uncertainty or financial strain. They want more.

So we paint a brighter picture. They tell me what they want. As they talk, they light up. They begin to picture their new life. They see themselves at peace, healthy, abundant, with clear goals and a blue print for reaching them. Their faces change as they imagine a life that is joyful and fulfilling. They feel the warmth of having more control, more time, more freedom, more money. They are whole with the fulfillment that washes over them as they see their new life. And then the meeting is over. Real life resumes. And they vanish.    I never hear from them again. Fear crept in and replaced their fire with self-doubt and skepticism.  I had one woman who couldn’t afford to coach with me one on one. I respected the fact that the median income in her country was drastically different from mine.  In fact, one month of coaching with me was MORE than the average monthly income in the rural, poverty stricken country she lived in. So I offered a major discount and customized payment plan. I offered several free resources. I made it impossible for her to refuse because after speaking with her, I could feel the difference she would make for people. But she bailed. She said if it were meant to be, she would be able to afford the regular price. If it were meant to be, her internet connection would be better. If it were meant to be I would live closer to her… I handed her a gift, and fear whispered to her “Don’t take it! It might work and then you would have to change!”

How many times have you talked yourself out of your own dream?

Let me say this as gently as I can. I’ll be just fine. Whether you take a step or not, plenty of people will. So I’ll be ok.

But what will happen to YOU?

Well? Where do you stand? Will you be counted amongst the skeptics? The fearful? The people who say that life is hard and that success is impossible? Or will you be counted among the visionaries, the trailblazers, the beautiful creative souls who leap and soar and CHANGE?

Watch this video. It is 6 minutes of your life. This video is circulating through the most powerful groups I know. It embodies the mindset I want each and every one of you to embrace. It is the core of my work and my program.

You have to be willing to go after your dream. You have to invest in yourself and your future. You get one life. If you want MORE for yours, get in Soul Success while you still can. We close the doors in one week and don’t open them again until July. Here are the details.

Soul Success 360

This isn’t about marketing. If you think that this push is all about ME, then you need this program more than ever. Lift the veil, look in the mirror, take the reigns and “man up”! Get responsible. Get what’s YOURS!

Make it your year. I believe in you!




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