Have a heart to heart with yourself

There is a quest that is as old as time. The greatest heroes who ever lived set out on this quest. We grow up learning about these brave men and women who followed the whispers of their soul and  set off on this most noble of journeys. What am I talking about?


If you read last week’s post “What’s Screaming At You?”, you know how I feel about this. Not everyone is called to lead a nation, or a movement or a rock band. Some of us have quieter purposes. Make no mistake about this! Even if your purpose never lands you on the front page of the paper or in the history books, you are changing lives.

When we are living a life aligned with our purpose we change the lives of others. It’s just true. It just happens. Sometimes it happens in a huge, loud, newsworthy way and sometimes it happens through the smile of a child or the sigh of relief of a dear friend.

Some people are meant to write Pulitzer Prize winning novels. Others are meant to take care of children, or to deliver impeccable customer service that leaves people smiling.

How do you know what your purpose is? Here are my top 10 questions you can ask yourself to inch just a bit closer to your soul’s mission in this life:

  1. What do people always come to me for?
  2. What drives me absolutely insane?
  3. What makes me angry?
  4. What tugs at my heart strings?
  5. For whom do I feel overwhelming compassion?
  6. What would I battle for? What am I willing to really stand up for?
  7. What do I know for sure? If someone challenged my position on this, I could, with 100% confidence and certainty argue my point about this.
  8. What do I never get tired of talking about or doing?
  9. What could I honestly write a book about?
  10. When I was struggling, what or who do I wish had existed? What would have helped me?

I would love to hear your answers! Contact me and share!

Here’s to self discovery.

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