Don’t wait another year!

Tell me if you can relate to this story. I attended a workshop this weekend with some amazing women, all looking to recharge their business dreams. At one point, I was approached by a woman who said she would give ANYTHING to work from home and be able to make money and spend more time with her kids. She had tears in her eyes and I could feel the passion in her words. But then it started. The excuses.

“But I have no money and no connections.”

“But starting a business just isn’t in my budget.
I can barely take my kids out for pizza.”

“But I have no time to launch anything.
There just aren’t enough hours in the day.”

Look I get it. This was SO me a few years ago. But I got over my own bullshit and I took action.

The Dalai Lama himself said that the world will be saved by western women. But we can’t save anything if we are small and hidden.

Don’t you see? The reasons you say you CAN’T are the very reasons that you MUST.

If you don’t have the money NOW, you’ve got to find your money breakdown and learn how to FIX it so that it’s no longer a problem. If you don’t have the time right now, you need to learn how to become CEO of your life and master time management.

I will repeat – the reasons you say you can’t
are the very reasons you MUST…

When you make a choice to leap, you are also making the choice to do EVERYTHING in your power to make it work. Success becomes non-negotiable. Plan A is IT. Eliminating your plan B keeps you accountable. When you have nothing to fall back on, you stay standing and keep going. And the time has never been better.

Here are three things you need to seriously think about:

  1. A college education doesn’t guarantee a job anymore, and a “job” doesn’t guarantee anything!

  2. Setting up a business no longer requires a six figure sum. The internet has made it easy peasy for just about anyone to set up shop and get started for very little money.

  3. The United Nations Telecommunications Agency says that this year, the number of internet users will be 3 BILLION!

That’s 3 billion potential sets of eyes on YOU,
on YOUR product, your offering, your awesomeness.
The time has never been better to step forward.
Do what you have to do so that you never have
to say, “I can’t afford that.”
Build a business that supports your lifestyle so that
you never have to say “I have no time to do anything.”

If you feel called to master belly dancing, there is someone out there who can help you do it. If you want to become a kick-ass cook, there is someone out there who can help you do it.

Put your attention on your own dreams for a bit. It’s the best way to make the dreams of the people you love come true. Start the business. Write the book. Paint the masterpiece.

I believe in you!

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