Do you suffer from this too?

This last week I had the pleasure of spending several days with people who are at the TOP of my industry: powerhouse millionaires like Lisa Sasevich, Rich German, Loral Langemeier, Noah St. John and Sean Roach. It was incredible.

But here’s the thing. I wasn’t sure I would be able to go to this meeting, so I booked it kind of last minute. Other people who came were ULTRA prepared to corner other experts, push for joint venture partnerships etc. They had binders, expensive 4-color sparkly folders and oddly shaped business cards all with the goal of standing out. I started feeling a little off. Squirming in my seat. My energy dropping a bit. And I realized I was coming down with the commonly diagnosed but never fun condition known as


Have you ever suffered from that? Just a little dip in self confidence because you got distracted by what other people were doing?? It didn’t matter that my last program had over 500 sign ups and some of these other folks weren’t even in business yet. It didn’t matter that I was profitable in my first 90 days of business, or that I had co-authored a best selling book. I forgot those things simply because my business cards were the standard size and I had opted for the no-gloss finish. Silly isn’t it?! Thankfully I got over it and I remembered one thing:

I AM my business card.


And so are you. Whether you have a business or not, every time you walk into a room, a conference, a party, a Starbucks, you are bringing with you a unique, divinely appointed set of incredible stories, talents and gifts.

You don’t need any bells and whistles. You don’t need anything at all. Because what you have to offer the world stands on its own two feet. It is your soul tapestry. Your character is your fingerprint. Your values and your talents are the unique, unmistakable watermark you leave on the world. And if you walk forward confidently, with faith in the person you’ve been lovingly shaped into, you cannot lose.

I realized, as I sat and chatted with people doing AMAZING and truly unique things, that we are all here with the same end goal in mind – to share, to support and to make an impact. I left there with brand new deep friendships, a plan for my next best-seller and a bunch of fiery entrepreneurs ready and willing to help make our Happiness School launch the best one yet. But I had to open up first. I had to step into my power, remember my gifts, and truly show up at each meeting with the intention to spread, absorb and cultivate LOVE! It works. Love yourself up. Stay in service. Hold your faith up high and watch the blessings roll!

Go forward and share your brilliance.

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