As a former fashion editor and Brand strategist, Gina Hussar has worked with some of the most well-known people across the personal development and entertainment industry. And she gets it.

Life at the top isn’t always rainbows and butterflies.

You need guidance.

You need clarity.

You need peace.

And above all, you need discretion.

Some of the top celebrities in the world have turned to spiritual and intuitive mentors to improve their careers, their personal lives, the state of their souls.


A personal note from Gina: Hi. I’m Gina Hussar. And I see you. Not the you that’s splashed across the gossip mags. Not the “official  page” of you on twitter. I see your humanity. The secret room in your soul.

Perhaps the most challenging thing about reaching any type of notoriety in your field is that the creation and promotion of your celebrity/leader identity sometimes steals the thunder from your core identity. The REAL you.

You have decisions to make.

You have changes to navigate.

You have a “real life” to live!

Here are just a few things I can help you with:

  • Career Alignment

    You are either bombarded with opportunities and can’t decide which ones to pursue, OR, the well seems to have dried up. (Which CAN be a sign of massive expansion!) You’re stuck. You need clarity. And you’re no longer interested in JUST making a name for yourself. You’ve got to love it. It’s got to feel good. You want it all, baby. Wish granted! Together we will use our Soul Scan to find your True North and determine your next best steps. Because happy-ish isn’t good enough!

  • Stress Reduction and the Cultivation of Inner Peace

    Through the use of intuitive art, the ancient practice of ho’oponopono and soul stream journaling, we will identify the triggers that are disrupting your peace and replace them with aligned practices that call in your natural state of serenity and bliss. Together we will curate words that will become your Sacred Soul Scripture; words that will belong to you; words that can always return you to your center and bring you home.

  • Relationship Healing

    It’s tough to do anything at 100% when your personal relationships are pulling focus. Struggling with a romantic partner? An agent or employee? A parent or sibling? This is a deep dive session of healing and revelation. CAUTION! Not for the faint of heart. I’m a straight shooter. If YOU are the problem, I’ll tell you. But you’ll thank me some day.

If you know there is something in life that’s keeping you from your ultimate state of flow, get in touch.

Because life is short. And it should be a total turn-on.

Please fill out the form below to contact Gina. (If you are an agent/manager, please fill out the form on behalf of your client.)

** Sessions are conducted in the strictest of confidence by phone, Skype or in person.

“You can’t out run your truth. Nor should you. You may be able to deny it for a bit, but your truth won’t leave you. It will claw it's way back to the surface and if you don’t acknowledge it, it will get louder. The truth will not be ignored. What you want, who you are, why you’re here. It’s vital to your happiness that you connect to those truths. Your truest, deepest desires are more than just wishes. They are whispers from your soul. Hear them. Heed them. And let the miracles roll.”

Gina Hussar
Gina Hussar

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