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A God Sign and Elizabeth Gilbert

They say that when the student is ready, the teacher appears… or some shit like that. Well I have always FELT ready and I’ve also always felt like the teachers take their good old time showing up!

I’ve been known to look up at the sky in prayer and say something like, “A-hem. I know you’re busy solving world hunger and all, but if you have a sec, could you please do something about MY mess? K thanks. Carry on.”

Usually followed by another prayer that goes like this, “I just watched the news and OMG I apologize for bothering you. Clearly you’ve got bigger fish to fry. I’ll figure it out myself. Go back to work. I’m good.” 

I’d always envied people who got a “sign from God.” That just didn’t happen for me. I wanted the lightning bolt! I wanted the big, loud, unmistakable neon sky-written God sign that said “Do THIS!

But I learned something through a series of ass-kicking life experiences: God doesn’t shout all the time. Sometimes God whispers. I like to think God is amused by the riddles he/she/it comes up with for us. In my case, the “signs” always seem to come in the form of words- words that show up in front of me at the exact moment I am at a loss for the right ones.

So let me tell about my God sign in the form of author Elizabeth Gilbert. (Eat, Pray, Love)

I am a long-time fan of Liz’s work, (in my head we are close enough for me to abbreviate her name, as though we text every day). I received a flyer in the mail advertising her lecture in Pittsburgh. OMG. She was coming to Pittsburgh. I couldn’t wait. Then my heart fell as I realized that her lecture was the night before I was slated to leave for L.A. for a networking event. As a mom of 3, I don’t miss those tuck-ins the night before a trip, so I made the tough decision to skip the lecture in favor of pre-trip snuggles.

But I said a little affirmation: “I WILL share the same space with Elizabeth Gilbert for just 5 minutes and breathe in her genius energy.”

The next morning, I kissed my babies goodbye and headed to the Pittsburgh airport. There, in crowded terminal C was a small blonde woman, wearing an army cargo jacket, sitting against the wall chatting on her phone, blissfully unaware of the people milling around her. That woman was Liz Gilbert. I couldn’t believe it. I did a double take. Then I stared. I asked a complete stranger if he thought that was her. We googled. I was giddy. He was semi-freaked out by me. It was HER.

We made eye contact. It was amazing. I know she felt it too.

Did I suddenly know what to do next? No. Did this sign suddenly solve any great riddle that had been plaguing me for years? No.

I got something better.

I got a wink from God. I got the most important answer I could ever get. The knowledge that he HEARS me. That little affirmation I made about sharing space for 5 minutes with Liz? He heard it. It might not have been exactly what I pictured (Liz and I laughing at something brilliant I say over lunch in NYC), but maybe that’s because I wasn’t specific enough. After all, he gave me EXACTLY what I asked for.

5 minutes in her space.

I felt something that day. Peace.

I wasn’t any clearer, but suddenly it didn’t matter.

Because God had taken a sec to slow down, come forth and give me a very reassuring, “Relax. I hear you. Get out of the way. I got this.”

I share this with you because I hope you will take away a few things:

  • Be REALLY specific about what you want. I have a friend who always says she just wants to be alone and I swear I fear that someday a freak occurrence will land her on a deserted island.
  • SEE it. Take a moment. Say what you want. Feel what you want. See what you want. Breathe it in.
  • TRUST. If you have a solid intention and you feel it with all five senses, trust the timing. You ARE being heard.
  • ACT. This little story should prove that all of us are carried by a Divine support system. So whatever you want to do, go forth as though its already a fully funded mission. Because it is.

Drive-thru miracles

So one of my BIGGEST flaws is that I am a bit…shall we say.. indecisive. Some call it commitment phobic. Some call it infuriating. I call it quirky and adorable.(Because that helps me sleep better.)

Anyway, I have decided to start publishing WEEKLY, in the spirit of fuller bodied expression, but of course, I have not NAMED this weekly series because what if I change my mind? =) This is no joke. I own over 40 domain names “just in case.” In fact, on a particularly indecisive day I said to Kim, my trusty biz/web manager, “Why can’t I just have a site that’s called ‘shit that makes me happy .com’?” So I bought that too… just in case.

But Facebook frowns on profanity in ads and I just couldn’t picture Oprah trying to introduce me properly while trying to avoid saying “shit” on national television. So I ditched it.

I know. My brain is a busy (scary) place.

So I started to create the first edition of my poor, nameless weekly email meant to share all things inspiring, beautiful and just plain cool when suddenly (and this should come as NO surprise to you by now) I found myself wasting HOURS trying to DECIDE what the heck to include.

And I wasn’t having any FUN doing it. So I made a decision. No rules. No regulations. Total randomness.

When I see, hear or do something that moves me and I think it might move you too? I’ll send you an email. Deal?

And here’s what I’ve got for you this week.


Daily LOve

From Mastin Kipp, at

In his book, Mastin writes about how important surrender is. That we must surrender to the will of the higher power. My favorite take away is that it’s our job to say the prayer and then to firmly, with unwavering faith choose to believe that everything that happens to us AFTER that is an answer to that prayer. Good or bad. No matter how sucky. BELIEVE that your prayer is being answered.

Here's Waldo

Why do I love this? Because it’s funny, but more importantly, look at the hashtag! #RemoveALetterSpoilABook. There are a whole BUNCH of people who spend some amount of time during their day removing one letter from a book title and musing about how that would change the meaning of a book. In essence, these folks have placed high value on PLAY. Kudos to them.

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Stop making sh*t up in your head. Assumptions are the enemy of peace. (Just click to tweet.)


And finally, since I have committed (see, I can do it when I want to) to sharing more of my personal life, here are two crazy cute pics of two of my kids.

My middle one, begging for a puppy she will never get.

Middle child

And my youngest, being his adorable self.


(The oldest boy is 12 now and entirely too cool for photo ops).

That’s all for now. And I swear I am NOT going to x out and obsess about whether this was “enough.” Because it’s going to have to be. I’ve got other things to over-analyze today. 😉

Tell me- what’s ONE question you WISH you had an answer to?? Contact me and lay it on me. I may not be able to reply to every single one, but I will do my best to answer as many as I can and if I don’t do it by email I will do it by blog post. Thanks for playing.

Ok, deep breath, coming clean…

Ever had one of those days when you call yourself out on your own bullshit, ?

So I didn’t have one of those days, I had one of those years! Over the last year, I realized that I am not walking my talk on all levels. Here  I am, all about truth, authenticity, full-bodied expression and unwavering courage and yet, I hold back.

Like big time.

I see people, other coaches and writers, posting pics of themselves and their kids, doing photo shoots, writing blog content every single day and you know what I conclude about them? That they are self-serving. Arrogant even.

When the truth is, that was just MY bullshit. They aren’t arrogant. They are courageous in a way that I am NOT. They post videos on bad hair days. They write even when its not a particularly brilliant brain day. They provide glimpses into their lives not because they have a guru/God complex but because they are doing their best to CONNECT.

And with that, I would like to publicly pledge my own commitment to connection, courage and full bodied soul expression.

I cannot keep hiding, waiting for perfection, when the very thing I hope to impart to my kids is a 50/50 blend of self love and core courage.

So with that, here is a glimpse of the new site we are working on.


I am SO excited. I won’t spoil everything, but there MAY be a site mascot cat named Buddha and you MAY be able to ask him questions about your life 😉 (But I feel compelled to warn you, he’s quite sassy.)

I’d also like to start sharing with you a weekly series I’m going to be publishing in the spirit of expression!

I’d like this series to be a sanctuary. A sanctuary is, in essence, a sacred place you visit to embody Source, to express gratitude, to appreciate beauty and to connect with yourself. And you don’t have to physically GO any where to go to find sanctuary. You simply tune into the Divine, to pleasure, to little sparks of creativity and moments of flow.

With each edition of the weekly series, I will be sharing quotes that wake me up, books that are sustaining me, images that take my breath away and anything else that I think YOU might also find inspiring, uplifting or just plain cool.

Would that be ok? I mean really, the internet is a BIG place. Let’s share! Let’s connect! Let’s throw love in each other’s direction and start showing up fully to what our hearts and souls are begging us to do!

You in?

Thanks for being here. And I just want you to know this – that dream you have in your heart? That one that keeps whispering to you at night? I honor that dream. I honor your deep, secret desires and I will keep being here, holding space for them til the day you step boldly and start breathing life into every single of them!

Space Unicorns & their Wisdom

No, I’m not crazy. Hear me out.

So the other day, I was up to my ears in work. I was stressing about my upcoming business trip to LA and feeling awful about leaving the kids. I was navigating some choppy waters with some friend drama. I was soothing a client who was in a panic over a faulty link in her website. I was feeling, in general, that I wanted to erase all traces of myself from the internet, move to Bali, make seashell art and drink Pina Coladas.

Then the scream. “Mooooooom, you have to come here right away!”

Now when any of my kids say that I immediately assume I am going to find them bleeding or vomiting. I rushed to play room, fearing the worst, mentally calculating what I will do with the oldest while I drive the youngest to the emergency room…

They were making a video to the song Space Unicorn. “Look mommy we’re playing together!” said my daughter. “Come and play with us!!!”

A few years ago I would have been annoyed that they interrupted “important” stuff to show me this. But now? I realize that they were teaching me (as they always do) EXACTLY what I needed  to learn. So here, for you, are the BEST lessons I learned that day with the help of my kids and the most annoying, nonsense song ever recorded.

  1. Play more. Life is meant to be fun. How much of your day (percentage or hours) is spent WORKING, stressing, planning, fulfilling obligations etc and how much is spent in what feels like PLAY? Really take an inventory here. Flip and tweak and shift til the balance is either even or playing is winning. Serious is BORING.

  2. Unless you’re curing cancer, you’re not curing cancer. Here’s what I mean: Yes, our work means something to us. It’s important. It might make a difference. It might get problems solved and jobs done. And maybe it’s important that we have a clean house and that the laundry doesn’t pile up. But every time I find myself stressing about something (Anything from a pile of laundry to an email that goes out one day later than planned) I ask myself this question: Will anyone die because of this? Are any lives on the line because this isn’t happening the way it “should?” The answer is always, every single time, NO. So I relax. It can be done tomorrow. Your work matters. But so does your sanity. So does your health. So does your peace. Very few things are the end of the world. So shrug it off, solve it, and then go play.

  3. Curiosity is the bridge to wholeness and maybe even money. Elizabeth Gilbert tells a story about how she always wanted a garden. And she found herself curious about where her flowers came from. She started googling. And she didn’t really think about it turning into anything. She just followed that curiosity. And kept following it, all over the world in fact, to various plant and flower libraries. That curiosity became her best-selling book “The Signature of All Things.” Whatever you find yourself curious about, it’s not random. Our curiosities are carefully planted seeds, placed in our minds and hearts for a reason. Follow them. See what happens. You may find yourself with a wonderfully fulfilling hobby, a new man, a best-selling book. Who knows? The mystery is half the fun. Play isn’t frivolous. Hobbies aren’t extravagances. It all matters. It’s all pieces to your WHOLENESS and happiness.

So I did it. I got on the bed and I jumped with them.

I put the computer away for the night. I made a mental note to add something to my latest chapter (my version of play) and I ended the night cozied up on the couch. I sent the emails out the NEXT day. I planned the trip the next day too. And you know what? I woke up that “next day” feeling re-fueled and recharged. I had needed that break. And most importantly, as usual, no one died because of it. =)

OMG, am I insane?

If you have been around here for awhile you know that I am all about being transparent and “real.”

And because of that I might leave you with a mouth wide open “I cant believe she said that out loud” feeling and while I apologize if I’ve ever made you uncomfortable, I do so with good intentions. Everything I share is done in a spirit of change and a common goal of awesomeness; kind of like a soul contract between you and I to Just. Keep. Going.

So here’s the deal.

I have had a weird few months. Personal stuff, major business expansion that SOUNDS like a great thing but that brought with it all kinds of new challenges (side note – the next level ALWAYS brings next-level challenges), sick kids, an injured husband (chainsaw incident, but he’s fine now) and a whole lot of “WTF Universe!?!??!?!?”

I sat up straight in bed one night and thought to myself, “Am I going nuts? Or am I the only one who is NOT? Is everything falling apart? Or is it falling together? Am I being handed a gift or a curse? Am I on the wrong path or just in need of a detour to the same destination?” followed by another out loud “WTF IS GOING ON?”

I would love to tell you that I found the answer, but the truth is I haven’t. But I have found some mini-epiphanies.

Like this one: The JOURNEY is the most important part of the answer. Whether you are dealing with family issues, a marital season of discontent, challenging clients, needy friends or crazy kids, this is the truth. The answer? You’re IN IT!

The answers we seek are woven in and around the journey we are on. There is no one finite answer. Much like clay, the answer is molded as we go. We cannot get to the answer WITHOUT the journey as the windy roads and the mountains and the choppy waters and the gorgeous vistas are NECESSARY for the answer to formulate.

Those tribulations test us. They reflect back to us what we are made of. They show us what we want and don’t want. They often reveal a whole lot of awesome info about us that we may not have known before. And that new info may have us heading down a detour, or opening a new door, or starting a new story that TRANSFORMS our answer into what it’s ultimately meant to be.

I have encouraged you before to go against the grain and just for a moment, focus on the negative. Here’s why. We learn by contrast. And that’s what is happening to me now. (“Excused me Contrast, I get it, you’re showing me something but could you kindly slow the f*ck down and let me process some stuff?”)

Anyway, I thought it might be helpful to you to hear how I am positively processing all of this crap. Maybe answering these question for yourself will shine a new light on your journey:

  1. What feels heavy right now?
  2. What PART of that, specifically, feels the heaviest?
  3. If I had a genie in a lamp, and my wish could magically transform my answer to number 2, what would the NEW outcome look like? What truth is my answer to this question showing me?
  4. In a perfect world, I would never again have to… (Go ahead honey. List ’em all!)
  5. If am being honest, what am I seeking permission to do or to feel or to let go of? (That which you WISH you had permission and validation for is what you actually, most deeply desire.)
  6. What can I do THIS week to get closer to my answers in numbers 3, 4 and 5?

Repeat this for EVERYTHING that feels heavy. At the LEAST, you will know what you are fighting against and what you really want, and at the MOST, you’ll take at least one step towards having it.

Always here for ya. Don’t be a stranger. And if you like my rambling attempts at wisdom, please share with friends so they can join the party too. =)

F U Fear

Fear sucks.


Fear is the primary reason that some soul mates never try. It’s the reason so many dreams are left abandoned on the side of the road. It’s the reason brilliant people die with books still inside of them.

The other day I was frustrated with my daughter. She was refusing to brush her hair and when I told her it would look messy she said, “so what my face is still cute.”

It reminded me of a weird trick I once read to combat fear.

Fear based statements often begin with the words “what if.”What if I try and fail? What if he doesn’t love me? What if it doesn’t work out? Etc etc.

From now on try adding the word “so” to your “what ifs.” My daughter didn’t care if her was messy. She’s gorgeous, and she knew she still had a whole lot of other stuff going for her. And so do you.

Instead of “What if I write the book and it never gets published?” Try “SO WHAT IF it never gets published? I will still have put my story to paper, which is more than a lot of other people would do and maybe someone will find it someday and be changed by it’s wisdom.”

“What if my launch doesn’t make any money?” changes to “SO WHAT IF my launch doesn’t make any money. I will have learned exactly what my audience does NOT want and can adjust accordingly. There’s a bigger, better offer waiting to pour out of me.”

“What if I move to a different city and hate it?” changes to “SO WHAT IF I move and hate it. My feet won’t be shackled to the floor. I’ll just move again!”

Nothing is irreversible and thanks to Google and YouTube there is nothing that cannot be learned or solved in some way.

So write the book. Start the business. Take the trip.

SO WHAT if the result is different than you expected?Different can be freaking beautiful! Different can open doors you hadn’t thought of and show you gifts you didn’t know you possessed.

The only thing you have to fear is REGRET.

You’ve got this. Doesn’t matter what happens or how it turns out.

You’ve got this. 

Just took my family on a trip to Disney World. It was amazing to be able to give them that gift. A few years ago it would have been impossible. Fear held me back for YEARS. Fear kept me from following my dreams, from making money, from stepping into my gifts. Now? My courage speaks louder than my fear. Here are a few pics from the trip.

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Gina's Disney trip

Are you missing Divine messages?

As I begin the process of writing my first novel, I decided to really take stock of what has led to this beautiful expansion that I’ve experienced over the last few years. My friend and editor asked me if I could pin point the defining moment of my shift.

I can’t.

I started to. I wrote down one thing, and then another and then another. Pretty soon I had a huge list of people, places, resources and experiences that had all played a unique and vital role in changing my life: energy healing sessions, tapping, astrology, meditation, classes on writing, classes on finding my “spiritual brand,” you name it, I’ve tried it in the last few years!

I never would have met my soul sister Dawn had I not joined a random coaching group. And Dawn introduced me to my new spiritual mentor. And that spiritual mentor suggested I read a certain book. And that book had me trying a new form of meditation.

All pieces to the puzzle, all links in the chain. All things that showed up along the way as I just kept moving forward.

Woman meditating
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The deepest soul revelations begin when we open the door a crack, just enough to let in the light, which shines directly on the next step. (click to tweet this!)

This week I encourage you to be open. Having a nudge to take a different way home? Or to send an email to someone you admire? Or to start making notes for a project you can’t yet describe. DO it!

Open the door, let in the light!

Have an awesome day my friend!

The 6 Month Miracle Project starts TODAY! If you missed out and want to know what options are still available, Contact me and ask me anything.

Black Friday BS


I love Thanksgiving – the parade, the pie, the return of our very mischievous “Elf on a Shelf,” but one thing I do not get into is BlackFriday madness, or, as my father likes to call it, Black Friday B.S.!

Not only do I not enjoy being up at 3am for any reason, but there’s a frantic energy of that “busiest shopping day of the year” that I just can’t relate to.

I get it. It’s a huge day for anyone who has anything to sell. People are looking for a deal and are prepared to buy! But one of the things on my gratitude list this year is YOU. I am humbled and thankful for your presence in this little virtual family we have, so rather than selling something to you, I’d like to create something for you.

Hit reply, (really! please do!) and tell me what you need. What product or book do you wish existed? What do you need that you haven’t yet found in the market? The muse is here and she is radiant. So talk to me. Let’s make some magic and blast into 2015 all hot and sparkly and fulfilled!

Contact me and tell me what you want me to create for you.

Thanksgiving is more than a holiday. It is a state of mind. =)

Multiple Joygasms

This is about the day I realized I had a messed up relationship with pleasure. And I am wondering if maybe you do too! It was spring and I was taking one of those magazine quizzes and the question said, “Fill in the blanks: Pleasure feels__________________.” To my surprise, (and horror) the first words that came to my mind were:

  • Bad.
  • Guilty.
  • Selfish.

WHAT!?!?! I was shocked. I honestly had no idea that I felt that way. It was quite a wake up call. I did some deep thinking and realized that this troubled relationship I had to pleasure was possibly affecting my sex life, my time with my friends, my self care and even my willingness to eat really quality food! For some reason feeling really good felt really wrong. I didn’t really want to dive into the psychology of my past to find out why so instead, I decided right then and there that my entire summer would be devoted to bliss. I made up my mind that everything I did would be in pursuit of or in support of multiple joygasms. 

Joygasm- a solitary moment of pure bliss; a recognition of being in total flow; an absorption of love, peace, passion and happiness.

Multiple Joygasm- a commitment to ensuring that at least 75% of your life is filled with joygasms.


And I did it! I spent my summer sipping good wine, eating good food, sitting by the bonfire with friends, meditating, allowing for some unbridled passion, playing with my children, catching fireflies, living life. It was bliss. And I got addicted! That summer project turned into a life-long promise.

What is YOUR relationship to pleasure? When was your last joygasm? What can you do right now to start having multiple joygasms? What needs to come into your life? What needs to be released?
Pleasure is awesome. Feeling good is holy. Unapologetic self-care is sacred.

Pleasure is awesome. Feeling good is holy. Unapologetic self-care is sacred. (click to tweet this)

So go ahead. Get some. ;)

Do you suffer from this too?

This last week I had the pleasure of spending several days with people who are at the TOP of my industry: powerhouse millionaires like Lisa Sasevich, Rich German, Loral Langemeier, Noah St. John and Sean Roach. It was incredible.

But here’s the thing. I wasn’t sure I would be able to go to this meeting, so I booked it kind of last minute. Other people who came were ULTRA prepared to corner other experts, push for joint venture partnerships etc. They had binders, expensive 4-color sparkly folders and oddly shaped business cards all with the goal of standing out. I started feeling a little off. Squirming in my seat. My energy dropping a bit. And I realized I was coming down with the commonly diagnosed but never fun condition known as


Have you ever suffered from that? Just a little dip in self confidence because you got distracted by what other people were doing?? It didn’t matter that my last program had over 500 sign ups and some of these other folks weren’t even in business yet. It didn’t matter that I was profitable in my first 90 days of business, or that I had co-authored a best selling book. I forgot those things simply because my business cards were the standard size and I had opted for the no-gloss finish. Silly isn’t it?! Thankfully I got over it and I remembered one thing:

I AM my business card.


And so are you. Whether you have a business or not, every time you walk into a room, a conference, a party, a Starbucks, you are bringing with you a unique, divinely appointed set of incredible stories, talents and gifts.

You don’t need any bells and whistles. You don’t need anything at all. Because what you have to offer the world stands on its own two feet. It is your soul tapestry. Your character is your fingerprint. Your values and your talents are the unique, unmistakable watermark you leave on the world. And if you walk forward confidently, with faith in the person you’ve been lovingly shaped into, you cannot lose.

I realized, as I sat and chatted with people doing AMAZING and truly unique things, that we are all here with the same end goal in mind – to share, to support and to make an impact. I left there with brand new deep friendships, a plan for my next best-seller and a bunch of fiery entrepreneurs ready and willing to help make our Happiness School launch the best one yet. But I had to open up first. I had to step into my power, remember my gifts, and truly show up at each meeting with the intention to spread, absorb and cultivate LOVE! It works. Love yourself up. Stay in service. Hold your faith up high and watch the blessings roll!

Go forward and share your brilliance.