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Dreams, Deals and Bullsh*t

Ever get emails that sound like this?

“This will never happen again at this price!”

“This is the ONLY WAY to get happy and rich!”

“In just six weeks, your life will be exactly what you want it to be!”

Or they have a tone like this:

“Here’s a shot of my mansion in this luxury city and you don’t have one yet because you’ve never worked with me.”


My life is amazing because I am my own boss and you’re unhappy because you’re not.”

So much of it is complete crap! And the first week of January is LOADED with emails like these. (Gotta capitalize on all that resolution stuff right?)

You want the truth? Here’s the truth.

I can’t blame them, as our business mentors teach us that we are supposed to represent the “after” of the before and after scenario.

Have I made great money doing what I love? Yep.

Did I navigate a horrendous personal situation and come out the other side with a completely transformed spirit and a peace and resilience NO one thought was possible? Yep.

Do I enjoy a pretty great reality that allowed me to take yesterday off and spend the day with my honey, and a day off last week to drink chardonnay at noon with my friends? Yes.

But I’m not the after honey.

I’m the middle. There is no AFTER.

Living a great life- a life of bliss and beauty and love and purpose and abundance, has nothing to do with reaching a concrete milestone.

Write the book. Make six figures. Meet the man. Lose the weight. Those are all great goals. Great dreams. But I can promise you they are NOT the end. They are not the “after.”

The “good” life comes from one thing and one thing only – ALIGNMENT. Daily, consistent commitment to alignment.

The dictionary defines alignment as “an agreement or alliance.” What alignment is to us is an agreement and alliance between our soul and our reality. A contract between our hearts and our daily lives. A commitment to attuning our truth to our choices.

Listen I’ve published a best-selling book on amazon. I’ve made the six figures. I’ve spoken on the stages and met the celebrities. Did ANY of it permanently enhance my daily experience of life? No.

What finally DID? Alignment. Making sure I knew exactly what my non-negotiable feelings and values were.

I want to feel: Love, Light, Creativity, Connection, Significance, Freedom, Abundance.

Free time, money, love, creativity, purpose, connection to spirit, connection to family and friends.

Those are the things I will not negotiate on. I have actually lost clients who didn’t like the fact that my team and I don’t work weekends. I didn’t sweat it, because there’s always another client and my weekends with my family are NOT on the negotiation table.

She offered me a LOT of money on monthly retainer, but basically, I would have to be at her beck and call. No thanks. Because I knew what would happen. I would be cranky as hell, resenting her, resenting the work, and not doing a very good job because of it. We would BOTH lose.

One of my colleagues recently said to me, “I have worked SO hard to fill my program that my wife honestly threatened to leave me.” Um.. ok. The whole point to selling your program was so you could spend MORE time with your wife, so how does it make sense to work SO hard at it that she might not be there at the end? That’s some major misalignment and a sure fire fast track to disaster and regret!

With every decision I make, I ask myself this question:

Is this decision in alignment with my non-negotiables? Does it keep me feeling how I want to feel and having what I want to have?

If it doesn’t, it’s a no. No matter how scary or painful it might be to walk away from, it’s far more painful to be out of alignment with your soul, breaking contract with your heart and suffering massive spirit fatigue because of it.

I can promise you that your truth will not mislead you and you will find yourself living the life you imagined.

But it doesn’t happen in the AFTER, it happens in the middle. What the after actually is, is the peace of living in flow and alignment on a DAILY basis. It’s not a destination you reach, it’s a way of life you commit to.

So, what are your non-negotiables? How do you want to feel? And are your choices in alignment? Are you honoring the contract between your reality and your soul?

If not, this is the year to do it ok?

I’m with you.



Something special for my fellow heart-centered entrepreneurs. Are you are pushing, striving, not sleeping, not enjoying your business, frustrated, overwhelmed and working too hard for too little in return? You are out of alignment honey!

Would love to work with you in a private Align and Define VIP session. “Freedom business” can feel like a big fat joke if you are chained to your computer and STILL can’t get a client. Freedom comes from flow and flow comes from alignment. Period. Read more here and let’s get you on the calendar and set up for a much easier 2018!


I hope this blows your mind!

It’s inspired bad movies, good movies, epic novels and more than a few mid-life crisis jaunts around the world.
 It was the focus of my own misery for more than a decade.
It can fool even the smartest people into thinking that their life is less meaningful, less whole than it ought to be.
What am I talking about? PURPOSE.
What is my purpose? What am I supposed to do with my life? 
Where is my life going?
Those are questions that downright HAUNT a good portion of the population. After all, thanks to Disney and other well-intended fairy tales we are programmed to believe that we have one destiny, one purpose on this earth and that if we don’t find it, well hell, we missed the boat and any prayer of happiness.
To that I say….. bullshit!
Don’t get me wrong. I fell for that myself for a very long time. And I was miserable because I tried everything under the sun and nothing clicked. I just couldn’t figure it out and I felt like a failure. And when you’re in that space, doesn’t it seem like you have a heightened awareness of how sure everyone ELSE seems about it all? (Curse you Facebook newsfeed!)
Then it hit me. What was making me miserable wasn’t the lack of a single purpose, but the endless journey, the endless questioning.
It was never a lack of answers that made me unhappy it was my endless quest for them. Always needing to see the future rather than leaning into the present. If I had only known that moving gracefully through moment by present moment WAS the answer to the universal question.
Ask any parent who’s child has just been diagnosed with an illness and they will tell you that their life’s purpose at that moment is to love and care for their child with unwavering commitment and fierce determination.

Ask the Olympic athlete and their life purpose is to reach their maximum potential for physical fitness and the highest level of achievement. But after that they better be able to change their life purpose or they are faced with the reality that they are washed up at 15! (This is what happens when former child stars, now addicts, never realized that their purpose could evolve!)

Let me make life easier for you and abolish the question once and for all. Ask me what your purpose is and I will tell you that you don’t have ONE.
No one has just ONE purpose. Life is fluid. Purpose must be fluid. Your purpose will expand and change shape in direct proportion to your life expanding and changing shape.
And thank God for that!
Stop asking “what is my purpose” and ask instead “what is my purpose TODAY? What is my purpose at this moment?”
Your purpose might be to serve your clients fully today. And tomorrow your purpose might be to take care of the child who is home sick from school. And the day after your purpose might be to finally finish that chapter in your book.
Your purpose, today, every day, each moment is simply this:
Your purpose is to stay present to what each moments asks of you.
That’s it. And as you stay present, the steps are revealed, the questions are answered and you find, magically, that you are LIVING your destiny.
Destiny and purpose are not a place you have to pilgrimage to get to. They are right here right now. They are the JOURNEY. They are not something you find, but something you recognize in each moment and choose to respond to.
Now doesn’t that take the pressure off? So please stop buying programs trying to figure out what your purpose is.
My hope for you is that your life is so full and so dynamic that you will have had a thousand purposes by the end of it. That’s magic. That’s flow. THAT is living!

An extra day in your life!

It just occurred to me that this is a leap year. (Note to self: peak at a calendar every now and then. It’s a work from home hazard no one warns you about — you never know what day of the week it is and you often leave the house totally unprepared for the weather. =)

So as you know, once every four years we get an extra day.

Leap Year is special! Rare!

Here’s how I want you to think about it.

It’s an extra day.

And an extra day is an extra chance.

February 29th is a fantastic day to take the plunge. Send the book to a publisher. Have the tough conversation. Make the amazing phone call. Research that beach house price. Start that blog. Commit to doing absolutely nothing other than hugging your baby or your partner or your dog or whoever it is in your life that is feeling a bit neglected.

I encourage you to use this extra day as a life bonus. After all, life is short. Years fly by. So this extra 24 hours that only comes every four years? Those hours are a blessing. Whatever it is you’ve been putting off doing? The 29th is your day darlin’.

And here’s the best part. So what if it doesn’t go as you planned?

If it’s a disaster, you don’t need to relive the memory every year when the date creeps up. Just every four.

So what will you do? What bonus, extra, pie in the sky chance will you take this February 29th? What dream will you breathe life into? Where will you throw your love?

You might get addicted. In fact, that’s the best possible outcome — realizing that taking chances is SO amazing, you just might do it all the time, no matter how many days in the month there are.

Don’t wait another year!

Tell me if you can relate to this story. I attended a workshop this weekend with some amazing women, all looking to recharge their business dreams. At one point, I was approached by a woman who said she would give ANYTHING to work from home and be able to make money and spend more time with her kids. She had tears in her eyes and I could feel the passion in her words. But then it started. The excuses.

“But I have no money and no connections.”

“But starting a business just isn’t in my budget.
I can barely take my kids out for pizza.”

“But I have no time to launch anything.
There just aren’t enough hours in the day.”

Look I get it. This was SO me a few years ago. But I got over my own bullshit and I took action.

The Dalai Lama himself said that the world will be saved by western women. But we can’t save anything if we are small and hidden.

Don’t you see? The reasons you say you CAN’T are the very reasons that you MUST.

If you don’t have the money NOW, you’ve got to find your money breakdown and learn how to FIX it so that it’s no longer a problem. If you don’t have the time right now, you need to learn how to become CEO of your life and master time management.

I will repeat – the reasons you say you can’t
are the very reasons you MUST…

When you make a choice to leap, you are also making the choice to do EVERYTHING in your power to make it work. Success becomes non-negotiable. Plan A is IT. Eliminating your plan B keeps you accountable. When you have nothing to fall back on, you stay standing and keep going. And the time has never been better.

Here are three things you need to seriously think about:

  1. A college education doesn’t guarantee a job anymore, and a “job” doesn’t guarantee anything!

  2. Setting up a business no longer requires a six figure sum. The internet has made it easy peasy for just about anyone to set up shop and get started for very little money.

  3. The United Nations Telecommunications Agency says that this year, the number of internet users will be 3 BILLION!

That’s 3 billion potential sets of eyes on YOU,
on YOUR product, your offering, your awesomeness.
The time has never been better to step forward.
Do what you have to do so that you never have
to say, “I can’t afford that.”
Build a business that supports your lifestyle so that
you never have to say “I have no time to do anything.”

If you feel called to master belly dancing, there is someone out there who can help you do it. If you want to become a kick-ass cook, there is someone out there who can help you do it.

Put your attention on your own dreams for a bit. It’s the best way to make the dreams of the people you love come true. Start the business. Write the book. Paint the masterpiece.

I believe in you!

This breaks my heart

You know I am usually the positivity queen, but something is bothering me. Lately, every time I turn on the TV or power up the home page I see headlines of death, war and terror. People starving. Women and children being mercilessly killed.

sadAnd as I sit here, reading this stuff from the comfort of my air conditioned house in my safe and beautiful community, I cannot help but feel a deep ache for the people whose lives, for reasons I will never understand, are marred with pain and anguish.

Where are you sitting while you read this? At your comfortable desk? Or maybe curled up on your couch with your iPhone? In a coffee shop? On your porch enjoying the quiet and your hot (or maybe iced) tea?

Do you realize the incredible miracle you are experiencing just reading this email without the threat of insurgents coming through the door or the background noise of bombs dropping?

Don’t feel guilty. Guilt is wasteful energy. I just read an article that suggested that the best thing we can do to honor the lives of the less fortunate is to live our lives as fully as we can. The bigger you reach, the more of a difference you can make. The farther you step outside of your comfort zone, the broader an impact you can have.

There, in your corner of the world, in that cozy corner of your soul, you’ve got a dream manifesting. In this world we share, there are so many people whose dreams are never given the chance to ignite into reality.

But yours can. I can SEE you. I see that you have fire in your heart, ideas that have been blooming slowly for years, a purpose you know you are being called to. But I also see fear. Fear of failure, fear of spending money on a “maybe,” fear of being judged, of making a mistake. I’m challenging you now to dig deep into the recesses of your heart, where true courage lies, and bring it forth once and for all. Around the world, there are people standing up for massive change, for religious freedom, for education.

When will you stand up for yourself?

HONOR the gift of life that you have been given, the blessing of safety, choice and opportunity. Honor it by living the kind of life that so many people are robbed of. Pray for them, in whatever way that you do, and use their stories as inspiration.

What is it that you want? What pulls you? What drums up so much passion for you, that you’ll stop at nothing to make it happen? Do you even know?

Strive to live the life that you daydream about. So that you can feel more. So that you can DO more.

“They” say this will hurt me

Ever wonder who in the heck “they” are? And why they talk so darn much?


All of my life I’ve been hearing from “them.” When I desperately wanted to pursue a career in the arts, I didn’t; because “they” say it’s tough to find a good job in that field.

When I wanted to wait awhile to get married because I didn’t feel quite ready, I got married anyway; because “they” say a good man is hard to find…and that the grass isn’t always greener… and that the biological clock was ticking.

And just last week, when I sent you a message about my free program and admitted that I was a little afraid to share it because it was so personal, I got more than one message from my community and from my peers telling me that I should have used a different subject line; because “they” say people in my industry should never show a weakness. It costs them clients.

But I say, sitting behind a wall, under a veil, refusing to be vulnerable would cost me something much more important–a connection to you.

I’m not perfect. I’ve undergone an incredible transformation and that journey was the catalyst for a successful business and work that I love.

But I’m still human. I still get scared. Words still sting. Feelings still swirl like tidal wave inside sometimes.

What’s different now is that I smash through that fear with action. And you know having it all - a free course! what? It works. The free program I offered had HUNDREDS of opt ins, one of our greatest responses to a free offering yet. And almost 100 of those people have joined the private master mind group on fb. (And are having major a-ha moments!)

There’s something beautiful about stepping into your power. You learn to follow the only voice that truly matters; the one that always has your back — your own.
So here’s my message for you today, short and sweet.

Forget what “they” say. Because “they”:

  • do not walk in your shoes,
  • haven’t dreamed your dreams,
  • can’t possibly understand the depths of your soul or the beauty of your truth,
  • wouldn’t know how to begin to understand your deepest desires…or your deepest fears,
  • would be amazed if they knew the lengths you would go to, to honor yourself and the vision that’s been placed in your heart!

So tell me, what have “they” said you couldn’t do? And who is ready to prove them wrong?

We won’t be opening the doors yet to private coaching for a few more weeks, but get your foot in the door! Tell me your deepest, juiciest, “keeping you up at night” desires! Tell me the plan, the passion, the calling,  the hotter than a blue flame fantasies.

Tell me. Telling me is the first step to transforming a wish list into a TO DO list! Be one of the brave ones. Raise your hand. Get what you want out of this life.

Here’s to being unstoppable