How Big Is Your BUT?

We’ve all been there. You get inspired. Something lights you up, you begin to see your dreams as though they are right in front of you and suddenly you feel completely unstoppable. Then, all of the sudden, your feelings change. Your shoulders slump. You begin to feel heavy and soon, all of your beautiful visions are replaced with visions of hardship and insurmountable obstacles.
That voice you heard that said, ‘YES! You can do this!” switches to a deeper voice, a voice you don’t invite but one that somehow always finds its way in. It’s the voice of the annoying occupants in your mind I like to call “Mr. and Mrs. Yeah But.”
Mr. and Mrs. Yeah But always pop in right when you’re feeling unstoppable just to remind you of your perceived limitations. I say “perceived” because you have no limitations. But you’ve heard them right? Your soul starts to soar and pretty soon you hear “yeah but you never succeeded in the past.” “Yeah But do you know how much money that will cost?” “Yeah but what if you do this and it doesn’t work out?”
There’s another name for this voice—Resistance. Resistance is dangerous. Resistance is strong and sneaky. If you don’t learn to recognize it, it will keep you stuck for years. It will lie to you and tell you that it’s keeping you safe and smart. It’s true colors will only be revealed when you are at rock bottom or nearly out of time. You don’t have to let it get that far. You are stronger than resistance once you know what to look for. Here are some ways you can recognize when resistance is messing with your mind:

 Any mental chatter that pops into your mind to remind you of how hard something might be- that’s resistance. The universe is unlimited, therefore YOU are unlimited. There is no degree of difficulties in miracles. Those limitations are created by one thing— Resistance.
 Any time you know exactly what you should be doing, but instead procrastinate by convincing yourself that other things must be done… like Instagram-ing your latest meal or tweeting about your ex.. that’s resistance. Get back to work.’
 Any time you find yourself pulling excuses out of the air to justify your lack of progress—I don’t have the money, there just aren’t enough clients out there, I don’t have time to put into a program- that’s the yeah buts. That’s resistance.

So what do you do? How do you send the “yeah buts” packing? Simple. Act. Do SOMETHING. Resistance hates inspired action. Nothing gets under resistance’s skin more than you showing it just how persistent you can be. Once you know how to recognize it, it loses its power over you. Once you show it that you cannot be distracted, or discouraged, or stopped, it will show up less and less.
ACT. Leap. Soar. Move with unwavering faith in the direction of your dreams as though you’ve seen a crystal ball and know with certainty that success is imminent. Resistance will take notice and steer clear. And when it tries to get in? You’ll be ready. You’ll laugh in its face, driving forward with courage and confidence, with a calm knowing that nothing is more powerful than a determined soul. =)

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