Are you kinda like a cheap motel?

I’ll cut to the chase. (Because the baby is sleeping as I write this and I never know if he will sleep for one hour or five minutes! He likes to keep me guessing and on task.)

Are you running a cheap motel in a dark alley? Hear me out. We all feel like shit sometimes. For some of us it’s a fleeting emotion when something unpleasant takes us by surprise. For others, it’s a way of life that we just can’t seem to break out of.
cheap motel


I like to think of myself as a motel with about 20 rooms.

The rooms in your hotel are where your emotions and perceptions live. One for each room. One room for love, one for jealousy, one for joy etc. And no new emotions can come in until their is a vacancy or an expansion.

How many of your “rooms” are taken up by things like FEAR, RESENTMENT, BITTERNESS, SHAME, APATHY, ENVY, UNCERTAINTY. You see as long as the majority of your hotel rooms are occupied by negative things, you will not feel good and you won’t experience the joys of life.

You’ve got to evict the negative to make space for the positive.

What if your hotel was filled with dream guests?

Love, passion, purpose, success, joy, clarity, peace.


Luxury Resort


Accept what you cannot change, nurture and expand what you can. You are the hotel owner, the concierge, the housekeeping. You get to decide who stays and who goes. You get to design the environment and the customer (you) experience!

So will you run a cheap hotel with questionable guests or a luxury resort with only the best of the best?

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