An extra day in your life!

It just occurred to me that this is a leap year. (Note to self: peak at a calendar every now and then. It’s a work from home hazard no one warns you about — you never know what day of the week it is and you often leave the house totally unprepared for the weather. =)

So as you know, once every four years we get an extra day.

Leap Year is special! Rare!

Here’s how I want you to think about it.

It’s an extra day.

And an extra day is an extra chance.

February 29th is a fantastic day to take the plunge. Send the book to a publisher. Have the tough conversation. Make the amazing phone call. Research that beach house price. Start that blog. Commit to doing absolutely nothing other than hugging your baby or your partner or your dog or whoever it is in your life that is feeling a bit neglected.

I encourage you to use this extra day as a life bonus. After all, life is short. Years fly by. So this extra 24 hours that only comes every four years? Those hours are a blessing. Whatever it is you’ve been putting off doing? The 29th is your day darlin’.

And here’s the best part. So what if it doesn’t go as you planned?

If it’s a disaster, you don’t need to relive the memory every year when the date creeps up. Just every four.

So what will you do? What bonus, extra, pie in the sky chance will you take this February 29th? What dream will you breathe life into? Where will you throw your love?

You might get addicted. In fact, that’s the best possible outcome — realizing that taking chances is SO amazing, you just might do it all the time, no matter how many days in the month there are.

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