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black and whiteI’m Gina Hussar and I’m here to help creative, visionary entrepreneurs build (and ROCK!) their passion fueled businesses.

The best way I can describe what we do here? Think Sex and The city, meets Oprah, meets Steve Jobs.

Because building your dream business and brand should be a fun and nurturing experience in which you extract the gold from within, your unique value, and blend it cocktail style with powerful messaging and business strategy that aligns with YOUR vision (not the vision of all the people who send you emails and product pitches) but YOUR big, beautiful, “OMG I can’t believe this is my life” vision.

I’m a published author, internationally published magazine writer, certified Law of Attraction and Business Coach, total book nerd, mom of three who geeks out finding the EXACT words that perfectly capture your brand and set you center stage with a big old neon spotlight.

There’s a lot of bullshit out there. A lot of “six figure” promises that are well meaning but missing a key ingredient to the freedom and success recipe- YOU.

This is not just a copy writing site. The right words can make you LOADS of money. But (here’s where the Oprah comes in), that doesn’t mean crap if you aren’t “feeling” your work. Anyone with a copy writing background can write a great email. But what then?

The internet is a CROWDED place. You cannot afford to blend in. And the key to standing out is finding, embracing and declaring your unique value. Your special sauce. Your bold “I am.”

From there, all of the warm and fuzzy (and profitable) missions you want to bring to the world can blossom. This is about building the FOUNDATION for your brand. Setting you up for expansion. You’ve got to connect your DNA (Differentiating Natural Attributes) to your audience’s ABC (Absolute Biggest Challenge).

It drives me CRAZY when I see people spending thousands of dollars and hours of time on marketing before they are solid on what to even market! And then, because they haven’t yet tapped into the elements of clarity and conviction that come from a soul-built brand, they start sending out copy-cat messages, (yawn), copy-cat programs (kinda illegal) and they burn out before year two. Sustainable success depends on a unique blend of spirit and strategy. You’ve got to build a business that is undeniably YOU.

So yes. We can write some kick ass emails and copy for you. But we can also find your GOLD. Your shiny purpose. The clear and compelling blueprint for your freedom biz. And then we can wrap it up in a pretty signature program box, create your offerings and your modules, your “can’t it get out of their heads” slogan, your 12 month ascension plan and, in general, your blueprint for world domination. =)

Whether you need a killer sales funnel or a complete brand message overhaul, I got you. You’re busy. You’re running a company, starting a movement and maybe raising a kid or two. Leave the dirty work to me.

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Some fun facts about me:

  • I’m a straight shooter. I will call you out. I will listen to your excuses and then tell you why they are all bullshit and I do that because I care.
  • I believe in angels. I believe in cheat days. I have an ongoing torrid love affair with carbs.
  • I meditate every day. But it took me YEARS to start doing it. It has transformed me.
  • I swear. Sometimes with enthusiasm.
  • My children are my best friends. There is no celebrity on earth who is cooler than these three kids!
Gina and family
  • I am a published writer and am in the process of writing and collaborating on several books. It’s taking me FOREVER because the kids don’t care about my books, they just want me to play kickball and I do. =)
  • I founded a digital fashion magazine a few years ago and was lucky enough to work with people like Lauren Conrad, Pam Anderson, Karmin, Dita Von Teese and several other super cool celebs who were kind enough to support the project. I shut it down when it no longer felt in line with my heart. A lot of people thought I was nuts to walk away, but you know when you know….
  • I love wine, sunglasses, reality TV and books. I spend more money on books than I do on clothes… But more money on coffee than I do on books.
  • I won’t give up on you if you won’t give up on yourself. If I have to, I will drag you kicking and screaming into the change you need for a peaceful, beautiful, joy-filled life.
  • I believe 100% that every one of us has the capacity to be an Intuitive.
  • There is nothing you can throw at me that I haven’t thrown at myself. I was a commitment phobic, a master procrastinator and world champion of “glass half empty” thinking. And I beat it.
  • I once thought I was having a heart attack only to realize it was my first full blown anxiety attack. I ended up sitting in an empty church, crying. I decided that day that I was never going to feel that way again. It was the beginning of my spiritual shift.
  • I went to a convent near my home and walked a meditative journey through a labyrinth. At the center of the labyrinth, a voice in my head (the Holy Spirit, I believe) repeated over and over and over, “Be at Peace.” It was a turning point for me. I realized then and there that no matter what was going on in my life, I could ALWAYS choose to be at peace.
  • Nothing makes me happier than a hug from my babies, working with amazing women like you, and Cool Ranch Doritos =)
I must be a mermaid, for I have no fear of depth, and a great fear of shallow living.