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The logo isn’t what makes the money. The celebrity spokesperson doesn’t do it either. The brands that garner raving fans, make millions and change the world all have one thing in common:



The world is evolving.

The audience is changing.

Customers are looking for more than snazzy features.

They want meaning.

They EXPECT depth.

They aren’t interested in being a number or a dollar. They want to BELIEVE in what you’re doing.

So how are companies stepping up?

Ask Apple.

Ask Nike.

Ask Toms Shoes.

Hell, ask Oprah.

Those companies have done more than find their marketing edge.

They’ve looked beyond the data and the spreadsheets and the trends straight to the core of what matters most - HUMANITY. HEART. MISSION. MOVEMENT.

You want to grow your business? Throw out the “shoulds,” put down the reports and go deep.

Make no mistake. Your business has a soul.

And whether you’re selling high end consulting, wellness products or toilet paper, you better know what it is.

The game is changing, and success these days begins with finding your unique and powerful blend of these three things:





Martin Luther King, Jr’s “I have a dream” speech changed the course of a nation.


Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama and countless others have used their words to motivate millions of people into action and into peace.


Nike took three words, “just do it,” and built a multi-BILLION dollar empire.

THIS IS Align & Define

An INTUITIVE business, brand and body (of work) audit.

I will take a look at your entire business - the site, the aesthetics, the flow, the offerings, so that we can find and close your conversion gap.

Sometimes you don’t need a lengthy program. Sometimes you’ve waited long enough.

You need a plan. Like NOW.

I’ve been there.

I created the Align & Define so that you can stop obsessing about what’s wrong and get back to creating what’s RIGHT.

Align & Define is the ultimate restoration of FLOW.

Be prepared. I’m a straight shooter. I will tell you exactly what I love about you, and exactly where you’re missing the mark, bullshitting yourself, or ignoring the obvious.

But you, and your bank account, will thank me later.

Are you struggling to come up with a tagline?

A program name?

Your home page copy?

Do you shudder at the pressure of having to write a marketing email for your newest offering?

Lady Writing

Do you really know your point of view, your vision, your values and are you consistently communicating it?

Michelle McReavy

“Gina is a rock star!! When I spoke with Gina I had a very vague idea of what it was I wanted to do. Literally in a 15-minute chat she had my business nailed down and my modules created. I was in sheer awe. I can just imagine what she can do with that brilliant mind at one of her intensives!”

Michelle McReavy

It doesn’t matter if you’ve spent a six figure sum on manufacturing, logo design and a pro site build.

It doesn’t matter if you are the most brilliant person on earth.

If your business doesn't feel aligned with your own values, highest gifts and present truth, you won't get very far. And if it doesn't align with the values, needs and present truth of your audience, you won't get ANYWHERE!


You’ve got about 3-5 seconds to hold the attention of a web user and turn a passerby into a raving fan. Alignment lies at the intersection of your highest gifts and the solution your clients are aching for.

What you’re selling is irrelevant. People aren’t buying your product or service. (My apologies to your ego.) They are buying an outcome; an emotional cure. You are taking what you’ve got, connecting it to their pain and riding in on the white horse to save their day.

Are you telling the right story? Are you sending the right message? Does your copy, your site, your work clearly illustrate who you are, what you do, who you do it for and why you’re awesome?

If you aren’t getting the results you want, it’s time to take a good hard look at your Brand BLEND.

Your words,

your mission,

your strategies.

But why should you listen to me?

Maybe you’ve never even heard of me, but I bet I’ve sold you something.

You see, over the last several years I have acted as a copy writer and content strategist for some of the most well-known coaches and entrepreneurs in the world.

They started to call me the coaching industry’s “best kept secret.”

I wasn’t sure if I liked that.
After all, why would I want to be a SECRET?

I knew enough people to know that a LOT of entrepreneurs were struggling. They were either loving their work but dirt poor, or making money but totally miserable doing it.

Having worked behind the scenes with some of the best personal development and business coaches in the world, I knew what this was about…


Somewhere, in some layer of your business lurks a nasty conversion gap, and the only way to get new results is to find it and close it once and for all.

You see, a lot of people create their businesses based on what they see other people doing. (Yawn.) Business owners swipe general sales text from people who are perceived as successful and they slap it up on their own website. Here’s the problem with that — when you strive to follow the crowd and fit the mold you risk getting lost in a sea of sameness. It’s all so…beige.

Your BRAND should be
the first glimpse
that people get
into the experience
they will have
if they STAY.

Shanda Sumpter

"Gina - thanks for always turning around great copy that is always in the voice of HeartCore Business. It's rare that I get copy back that I don't tweak multiple times. I really appreciate your writing and most of all LOVE Your ability to make ebooks and promotional material pop! You’re great…"

Shanda Sumpter

Maybe the gap is in strategy.

Maybe it’s in aesthetics.

Maybe it’s in the fact that you no longer enjoy what you’re doing and would rather troll Facebook, do laundry or take a quiz to find out your celebrity soulmate than actually sit down and do your work.

Whatever it is, SOMETHING IS WRONG.

Align & Define was created to find and close your conversion gap and get you back to rainbows, butterflies and warm/fuzzy freedom.

So who ARE you?

Do the words on your site capture your unique brilliance? Your one of a kind vibe?

Are you serious and professional? Or the life of the party? Spiritual? Or smokin’ hot? (Or both?)

Is your voice more like Harvard or Sex and the City?

Are your graphics aligned with your brand?

Do you know your brand’s soul and is it matching up with the strategies you’ve been pushing?

Who are you?

Are you speaking the language of your target niche in a voice that is authentically yours?

Because if you’re not doing these things, here’s what will happen:

Sleeping on computer

And here’s what you’re leaving on the table:


You want to be seen, heard, understood and loved.

You want to make money and you want to make a difference while you’re doing it.

Science has proven that there are words that significantly increase your chance of making money. Science has also proven that our energy can massively effect our tangible results.


Ready? Click here

You don’t have to understand those sciences, because we do.

You don’t have to be a writer, a designer or an intuitive because I am.

Gina Hussar
Sheldon Pizzinat

“Gina's generous time and talents were a "must have" for me to launch a new phase of self-expression and get my talents and gifts to all those people waiting for them. She is just the right blend of loving and tough to get you re-committed to your vision. Plus, she is great at copy, sales and brand advice. The woman is a triple threat!”

Sheldon Pizzinat


Simple. If you’re not getting the results you want and you’d rather NOT take another course or wait another 6 months, this is for you.


  • An intuitive and strategic reading of your entire site.
  • An intuitive and strategic reading of your current offerings.
  • A determination of your highest opportunities and recommendations for the most purposeful, profitable way ahead.
  • Access to the Soulful Brand Identity Map.


  • An additional 4 weeks of complimentary e-mail support.


Align & Define
  • Includes everything you see listed above!
I'm ready!
Align & Define PLUS
  • All of the above, plus:
  • An additional month of email support.
I'm ready!

And I’m not done yet.

Let’s be real - owning a business is a BIG freaking spiritual test.

There are ups and downs, and haters and doubters.

You need to have your spiritual armor on and your mindset on HIGH.

So when you invest in Align & Define, I am giving you FULL access to the Miracle Project, our most popular program EVER. More than 2000 women have taken a version of this course and the results were astounding!

That’s a $1000 value all yours for FREE.

16 Miracles for your life, relationships and biz!

16 Modules sharing with you the Miracle Mind-set Shifts that will completely change your life.

(No joke. People moved countries, wrote books, found soulmates!)

Here’s what too many people do:

They keep buying quick fixes and reading free-ebooks in the hopes that they read or hear SOMETHING that works for them.

The problem with that is they are wasting time and money on cures without knowing the diagnosis!

They are buying marketing products when the problem is actually their CONTENT, not their marketing.
They are spending thousands of dollars on blueprints and templates, building copy-cat businesses, instead of zeroing in on their own unique sweet spot.

They are treating the WRONG problems.

And it’s FRUSTRATING them to no end.

Align & Define is going to give you a proper diagnosis so that you STOP wasting resources and START moving in the right direction…UP!

You’ve got a lot to do.

You‘re running a high-volume business, running a team, running towards world domination.

Maybe raising a kid or two.

Cross one thing off your list:


When you’re an entrepreneur every hour and every dollar counts. So take the guess work out.

Align & Define

Ready? Click here

Find out what’s wrong.

Close the conversion gap.

BALANCE the three keys to success:


Otherwise, “freedom business” is just a trendy word that doesn’t actually apply to you.

Devorah Spillman

“Gina jumped in and totally transformed a crucial solo email to promote my summit. This email got way more attention and more opt ins than the one we had send out before. Gina is both talented and generous. She sees a need and fills it with excellence. You can always count on her perceptive insight and articulate voice.”

Devorah Spillman
Ready? Click here
Gina Hussar

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