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Gina Hussar has been featured in: Gladys Magazine, CBS, Beverly Hills Magazine, The Huffington Post, Hampton Journal and BlogTalkRadio

Mindfulness is having a major moment.

The soul has made a huge Hollywood-style come-back.

Even the tech giants and clothing companies are catching up, encouraging employees to go zen, take naps and believe in something.

The most successful businesses, brands and people in the world have risen and thrived because they’ve cracked the code. They get it. Wealth and impact aren’t born from features and trend reports, but from vision, alignment and truth.

Hi, I'm Gina.

Writer, Brand Intuitive, Multi-passionate Artist, Spiritual Mentor. Bliss Advocate. Mom.

I’m a big believer that:

There’s no greater feeling on earth than the moment you connect to and declare your truth;

That freedom and miracles in life and business are not something that happen but something we decide;

That life should be a total turn on;

And that sometimes carbs and wine are indeed good choices.

My life’s work is to help courageous people tap into their unique brilliance and create things that are a tangible expression of their soul.

Most often, I do that by working with visionary entrepreneurs and brands who have no fear of depth and a great fear of shallow salesy bullshit; who know that success requires a 50/50 blend of spirit and strategy; and who are willing to trust, that while I do have more than 15 years of experience as a writer, editor and creative director, most of the things we’ll build together begin as a whisper from my intuition.

I create things that make people happy and things that make people money.

My guess is that you started that journey in search of a more authentic life; a life that flowed with what you love and how you roll.

When that happens? When your life, your loves, your time, your desires and your work all align in perfect sync?

That’s when money finds you.

That’s when miracles happen.

That’s your ultimate state of flow.

Business. Life. Soul.

It should all turn you on.

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